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law can't beat vergo cause vergo got his heart, so stop trying to compare smoker, law and vergo.
Not surprised at luffy being dweeby again & I'm interested in how the situation with the children will be resolved...
To bad zoro isn't doing anything significant atm, but that will prlly change when Dofla's men arrive.
Don't forget smokers hart. Though i don't remember who is got it CC or did he gave it to vergo?.
If vergo has it, i bet Law will use his room techniqe to aid smoker and we get a nice fight (i hope a full fight).
because if vergo's has smokers hart it's also game over for smokey

The childeren situation is hard to predict.

Yeah i hope to i'm shure he'll get his part

oy yeah someone predicted that caribou will be saved by his brother
it seems that is gonna be the case
Proppzz to ... i didn't remember who