Final theory time:

Kakashi kills Rin, but We know that Kakashi will never do that willingly. Kakashi therefore is being controlled or manipulated.

There are 3 types of Manipulation/Control that have featured prominently in the Manga.

1) Genjutsu

2) Curse Doll or Curse seal

3) Body possesion (like the Yamanaka Clan)

I've said previously that this attack on Rin is just too coincidential and too convenient. It happening at the exact time that Obito is well enough to leave Madara's base, and right after Obito has met with Body Suit Zetsu and practice using its power. Now despite the coincidences there is no hard evidence that Madara is manipulating the situation although it is a distinct possibility.

On Madara:

I suspect that the Body suit Zetsu exists because Madara made it for himself. If Madara has used this Zetsu, he could have left the Cave easily. It would be nice if we could have put a time to The Kisame meetting with Madara.


In the lower image, the character looks like Ibiki who is 1 yr older than Kakashi. In the upper image we see Ibiki cornering Kisame. The Events in the upper image must have happened recently, say within 5yrs of current time. This would seem to prove/imply that the Madara hiding in the Shadows is indeed Obito as the Original Madara would have been dead by then.

In the end, both the short haired and long haired Madaras, wearing both Masks, would have been Tobi-Obito