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    I had a thought/realization yesterday: Kakashi can't warp parts of himself like Obito can, and Obito can't warp others at a distance like Kakashi can. So it really supports the idea that each MS eye have different jutsu capability.
    Interesting thought.
    Still looks the same eye and jutsu to me. A jutsu is not just something you have but something you must learn to use and that you can develop. Look like Shikamaru keep improving his use of shadows. Look how more and more evolved was the Susanoo of Sasuke.
    I guess neither Kakashi neither Tobi has achieved the complete phasing possibilities of that eye. So far Kakashi has managed to master only the long range possibilities of the jutsu. So far Tobi has awaken only the himself plus short range of the jutsu. Also, maybe mastering the long range requires more skill, and mastering the yourself plus short range requires more senju chakra.
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