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Madara may have gotten the Rinnegan, but he did not get the full benefit of Senju power. I would say that Madara's technique was incomplete.

As to the Spiral Zetsu's suggestion to Obito, I think it's part of his mission to tempt Obito into alliance with Madara. Perhaps if the events unfolding were scripted, the next stage would be Obito wanting power to avenge Rin?

Famous, I gotta say that I am still not fully grooving with this Obito to Tobi conversion scheme. I mean, I read it, I understand it, but short of a mental breakdown/meltdown by Obito, which may be coming next, I don't completely see it. But if Obito suffers a mental breakdown, how does that reconstitute him into the Confident, scheming Tobi who has backup of backup plans?

We'll have to wait and see....
Paul. I think that the transformation from a not very smart, mentally broken kid into the confident and full of backup plans Tobi depends on 2 things:

-He'll get over his depression thanks to the new hope in Madara's plan. He'll get a new reason to live.
-His intelligence, power and planning ability will increase, because he'll probably fuse with spiral zetsu, that had said it himself, he's a lot smarter and stronger than Obito.