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    Minato tells Kakashi in Kakashi gaiden that the chidori is dangerous because his eyes can't follow his opponent's counter attack. It's assumed that Kakashi has completed the chidori after he gains the sharingan, however I think it's more likely it took him much longer. I don't think Kakashi intended to hit Rin. I don't think Rin is a spy or that they're commiting suicide to protect sensitive information about Konoha. I think Kakashi has grown careless and arrogant since he obtained the sharingan. I think there is a substitution jutsu going on here or Kakashi is moving too fast for his own good again. I vaguely remember Kakashi saying something similar about the dangers of chidori and it being a jutsu best used for assassination when he was teaching it to Sasuke. Basically I'm saying this should have been obvious to us all when there has been so much foreshadowing about the dangers of chidori, while there haven't been any real examples of why it could be a double edged sword. We really should have realized Rin was killed via chidori long ago.

    Someone else brought this up recently too:

    As for hunting down the actual panels... Look that stuff up on your own. It's not like there are very many chapters featuring both Minato and Kakashi... It should have been obvious where to look. If you can't participate in the conversation here without providing citations from the manga and dissertation length essays on the Narutoverse, I'll go back to lurking. Ever heard of Foogling? No one here is your secretary...

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    Back to lurking or lose the attitude thanks.

    We had no reason to assume rin was killed with chidori. She had no background, character development or hardly any mentioning outside of her15 minutes of fame in kakashi's gaiden.

    It's common courtesy to save time for others and back up your words would be to provide a picture if it was something that wasn't released recently. This save every single person the time of googling it instead to maybe find the part you vaguely mentioned if you had just simply referenced even the chapter it appeared in with your first post. I'm not saying you are required to but no reason to get pissy when someone asks is all.
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    Why do I have this feeling that it is kakashi who is fake in the last panel?

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    Damn...DAMN!!!!! Questions questions...but since kakashi wasnt aware that obito was there...does he know whether obito knows the truth surrounding Rin's death? But goddamn man...this is why kishi is such an amazing writer.

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    Holy shit Kishi! Hope you got a great explanation for this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanhendriks View Post
    Why do I have this feeling that it is kakashi who is fake in the last panel?
    If you're saying it's a zetsu clone, I'll say it's impossible. Zetsu clones can't copy a kekkei genkai, and they can't copy techniques. We can see clearly kakashi's using sharingan and chidori which are 2 of is unique techniqes, plus he's crying, and that means he's the real one.
    Unless kishi decides to break his own laws again.

    I also wonder how did Obito restrain himself from killing kakashi right away. He was the impulsive kind of person. Maybe zetsu hold him in his place?

    edit: Zetsu also said something about "experimental bodies from the mist". I wonder what are they? What purpose do they serve? Maybe Rin was abducted by the mist and turned into an "experimental body"? So kakashi had to kill her to prevent something dangerous to konoha? Or maybe these bodies could turn into anyone and kakashi was deceived?

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    Please refrain from ass-generated theories, at least for another few pages into the discussion. It's ass-generated if it assumes suicide or fake versions of the people:

    -It's not suicide! How can it be SUICIDE (the murder of one's SELF) when we clearly see Kakashi killing the other person? Furthermore, there are far simpler/effective means of ending one's life then shoving your limbs through your body.
    -It's NOT a fake! How would a Zetsu know how to do Chidori? Why would a Zetsu cry afterwards?!

    Please think for a few moments before asserting a theory so as to increase the likelihood that the theory is logical and thus worth reading.

    With all that said, definitely looking forward to what led Kakashi to this point. The strike definitely seems to be accidental--Rin wasn't expecting it, and Kakashi doesn't seem too thrilled about it either.

    My prediction is that this is neither genjutsu nor an illusionary trick played on Kakashi--I think he had reverted to his "Mission over Mates" mindset and killed her ON PURPOSE to successfully complete whatever this mission is. Perhaps not until after it was done did he fully realize how awful a person that made him, and that's why he becomes a "Less than scum" sensei by the time Team 7 forms.

    The main question is: Will Obito find out, now, the reason that Kakashi has killed Rin, and will that be what speeds his transformation...


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    I do not like much the suicide theory.

    I like even less the killing of Rin for the mission's sake. Especially because Kakashi was always placing the missing in first, but he just learned to place his friend even before. Would seems strange to still kill Rin at that moment.

    I go for the "set-up" theory.
    The set-up can be more complexe than what guessed before:
    1- Zetzu kills Rin in the absence of Kakashi and makes the corpse disappear.
    2- Zetzu attacks Kakashi. Kakashi hits him with chidori. Zetzu at the moment of being hit changes his morph to Rin. The corpse has Rin morph and Rin's chakra signature (Zetzu can easily do that trick: he died before with the shape of Kisame). Kakashi thinks forever he killed Rin.
    3- 3rd step: in front of Obito, both Kakachi and Rin arn't real. They are Zetsus. Considering all the incredible jutsus in the manga, making some water drops and an electric arc to pretend there are tears and there is a chidori must be possible, right?
    This 3 steps set-up is foolproof. If Kakashi and Obito meet for real, Kakashi would confirm he killed Rin.

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    Well, well, well... The plot thickens... I suppose Obito doesn't confront Kakashi after witnessing this, or at least not without his disguise. Well, now his sudden 180 personality flip is becoming more and more believable as more and more facts come in.

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    First, it actually was an Uzumaki x Konoha Police emblem, because right here, we see a redhead within Kakashi's group age, thus an Uzumaki as was already mentioned by Kabuto :O (to the right of Asuma):

    Now that I think about it, Garaa might have some Uzumaki blood in himself as well.

    Experimental bodies, eh ? Looks like they were able to enter Rin's body and control her, probably sticking up around her heart, thus the need to use a lightning elemental jutsu to attack their weakness (as their jutsu is most likely water-based). Kakashi could not save her otherwise, than to end her life, it seems... or perhaps it's the other way around ?

    Damn, so because Kakashi used Obito's Sharingan to kill Rin (Chidori was completed thanks to Sharingan), Obito and Kakashi gained MS ?

    Now I have to wonder, the tale of cutting the lightning, GM who can shoot it and Obito being covered by Zetsu that was recently directly connected to it... nah it can't be, or is it ?

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