As we know, Naruto received his name from Jiraya's character. Throughout his life so far, Naruto is shown to bring that character's ideals to reality. He is living up to and reflecting his namesake.

What about Sasuke? He is still as of now believed the principle antagonist and counter to Naruto. Who is Sasuke's namesake? He was named after the Third Hokage's father. Such a person would be similar in age to Hashirama and Madara. That being said, what sort of role do you think Sarutobi Sasuke played during the frequent skirmishes between uchiha and senju? What about the founding and early days of konaha?

Keep in mind that the later flashbacks dealing with the uchiha massacre, the third hokage handled matters with a soft spot for the uchiha and counted them among his close allies or friends. Also, if any of the uchiha were to give their a child a name for reasons of an outsider, that outsider must be pretty special. Kushina goes on to tell Sasuke's mom that if his name comes from the third's dad then he will be a strong and fine ninja! That means Sarutobi Sasuke had an established reputation even during the time of legends hashirama and madara.

What sort of relationship did sarutobi sasuke have with madara and/or hashirama?

What sorts if things will uchiha sasuke end up reflecting from his namesake? Can we make guesses as to what sarutobi sasuke was like and flesh out conditions of that time period based on how we have seen uchiha sasuke behave?