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    this is just awesome!!
    WB VS shichibukai!
    oh my!
    cant wait!
    i wonder how intense the fight will be

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    Now... let's discuss this...

    Jozu can't beat any Shichibukai by himself. Probably Kuma vs. Jozu...
    Marco could face Doflamingo or the still unknown shichibukais.
    Or will Whitebeard take all of 'em by himself?
    (Blackbeard and Mihawk won't be there for sure, I suppose)
    I wanna see Whitebeard in full action against as many people as possible...

    And, on the other hand, Law and Kidd Devil Fruit powers suck; though I still love them anyway
    I don't think they suck, Law's one sounds interesting, but I'd need more of an explanation on it and Kid's one...I'm not sure who his ability works either. But I know enough of One Piece now to never dismiss the practical applications of any ability, Mr. 3 or Blueno anyone?


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    oewhhhh sugoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Can't wait to read this!

    Active follower and dieheart fan of the following running manga's:
    One Piece
    D. Grayman
    Fairy Tail
    Soul Eater
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    Skip beat
    Vampire Knight

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    From Himajin:
    504話 海賊前線移動中!!
    扉絵 CP(ry vol.13「買い出し待ち」 カフェで一息いれてるフクロウ・カク・ジャ ブラ・無言で 新聞を読んでる渋カッコイイブルーノさん



    黄猿「――何がどうであれ世界貴族に手を出されて我々が動かん訳にはいかんでしょう、センゴク さん・・・・ ・・」


    ディスコ「Mrドフラミンゴ、あんた今どこにいるんだよ・・・・!!!――もう店の信用も失っ たし・・・
          あのロズワード一家の事だ、俺達にも難癖つけて来るに違いねェ・・・!!あんた何 とか治めてく れよ!!」
    フラミンゴ「フッフッフッフッフッフッ・・・・!!おめェなァ・・・人身売買なんてもう古いん だよ、バーカ ・・・!!
           時代はスマイルさ。もうおれんトコへかけてくんじゃねェ・・・ディスコ、おめェ にやるよその 店は・・・!!フッフッフッ!!」
    フラミンゴ「黙れ・・・面倒臭ェ野郎だ。てめェが・・・自分の不幸をおれのせいにしている間に も新時代は近 づいて来ているのだよディスコ君
           おれは今――いや、俺達は今・・・海軍の強制召集を受けている。お前はこの未来 をどう読む?
           白ひげ海賊団 vs 王下七武海」

    で、舞台はオークション会場外。どうやら黄猿の前になんか前軍としてアレがここに来るって海兵 が鼻水流して 驚いています
    で、オークション会場内部。レイリーがケイミーの首輪を即効外します。で、レイリーはローやキ ッドを見て

    ロー側は悠然と座るロー本人とくまと顔の見えない部下、キッド側はキラーと変顔の部下が悠然と 立っていてレ イリーに驚いています


    直径10メートルくらいの円に海兵と飛んできた弾を包んで、その海兵の首を斬り能力発動で弾と 首を入れ替え るロー

    Things I could understand:
    - Disco is a Doflamingo underling. Doflamingo tells him he's busy (with Whitebeard) when he gets a call by Disco. Doflamingo tells him something about the New Era too.
    - 白ひげ海賊団 vs 王下七武海」 = Whitebeard Pirates vs Shichibukai
    - Kidd, Law and Luffy make a simple quick deal and defy together the Marine Navy. Apparently Rayleigh does not involve anymore.
    - And then Kidd reflects a bomb and Law gets the a head off one Marine.

    Quick trans by LoS @ MH:
    Capone and other Supernovae in the area learn of Luffy's actions and Capone is very agitated awaiting the arrival of an Admiral.

    Boni is ready to escape/flee before the Admiral comes.

    Some ask about FI, some ask about Luffy's actions.

    Urogue says something about "they are the conspirators."

    The bit with Sengoku and Kizaru... already provided

    Flamingo is in charge of the Human Trafficking, since Disco tried to call him to help, but he has been summoned to help with WB by the WG.

    Marines show up as a front to Kizaru's arrival

    Rayleigh removes Camies collar the same way he did his own.

    The group at the Auction want Rayleigh to help, either with fighting or coating, cant tell.

    The bit with Law and Kid showing their powers and the Marine calling back that cannons wont hurt them.
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    this chapterm gona be sick ^^ , i hope they show white beard fight.


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    Oda is God. No way can you deny it.

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    This should be the complete trans.

    Both trans from Aohioge AP of Apforums:

    Himajin Spoilers

    Cover story: "waiting for shoppers" Fukurou, Kaku, Jabra, and Bruno (reading news paper) are at a cafe, waiting for the two that went shopping

    Because Luffy beat up the Tenryuubito, the rookies are in chaos!
    Capone decides to run away to fishman island before the admiral comes
    Bonney is trying to run away too
    Drake wants to find out who's coming (which admiral)
    Apoo says he wants to observe the admiral, but is stopped by his crew
    Hawkins says "it does not say this is the day for me to die...." and goes somewhere.
    Urouge says "What a troublesome pirates...!" about the Strawhats, while smiling as usual

    The scene changes to Marine HQ. Sengoku seems very concerned about the report.
    Kizaru: ...what ever the case, we can't sit by when the World Nobel was hurt, Sengoku-san....
    Sengoku: Kizaru....
    Kizaru: I'll go. I'll be right back, don't worry about it.

    Scene changes to the behind the Auction House. Disco is calling someone.

    Disco: Mr Doflamingo! Where the hell are you right now!!! The store's lost its credibility...
    Knowing that Roswald family, I'm sure they'll complain to us too...!!! You need to do something about it!!
    Doflamingo: Heheheheh..... You know what, human trafficing is just too old now, moron...!!
    What's "in" is "smiles". Don't call me anymore.... Disco, you can have that shop...!! Heh Heh Heh!!
    Disco: What!!? You're going to abandon us at this greatest time of crisis!?
    Disco: Shut up... You're annoying man. While you sit there and blame me for your misfortune, the New Era is creeping up on us, Mr Disco.
    I am now... no, WE are now... getting mandatory summons by the Marines. What do you read from this future?
    Whitebeard vs Shichibukai.

    The scene changes to inside the Auction house.
    A marine is shocked that certain SOMEONE is coming here to help, before Kizaru.
    Inside the Auction house, Raleigh takes off Camie's collar. Raleigh looks at Law and Kid.

    Raleigh: You're defenitly not half-assed, seeing how you just withstood that.
    On Law's side, Law is standing with ease, the bear, and another crew member who you can't see the face.
    On Kid's side, Kid, Killer, and that weirdo faced crew member stands at ease. They are surprised at Raleigh.

    Kid reflects the cannon
    Law creats a circle 10 meters wide from himself, and it covers a marine and the cannon ball.
    The marine's head is chopped off, and the head switches place with the cannon ball.
    Luffy bounces off the cannon ball.
    Marine: All three of them are...!!! ability users!!!

    translations of the scans.

    Page 1: cover story. Chapter title: Pirate front lines moving!!

    Page 2:
    Random pirate 1: The "Strawhat" Luffy beat up a Tenryuubito!!! At 1GR Auction house!!!
    Random pirate 2: What!!?
    Random pirate 3: Kid and Law are spotted at the scene too!
    Capone: Is the coating done for my ship!?
    crewman: It finished yesterday!
    Capone: We're leaving for fishman island right away!!
    No way I'm standing around when an Admiral comes...!!
    crewman: Yes sir!

    Page 3:
    Bonney: ....!! (thinking of Zoro) That moron's captain was even bigger moron!!
    If I see them in the New World, I'm gonna crush them!!
    Urouge: What a troublesome fellows...!!
    Drake: Get ready to sail!!
    crewman: Yes! Right away, Captain Drake!!
    Drake: Now let's see who's going to come....!!
    Apoo: Considering the situation... it probably won't turn into (can't read the scan). All they are after is Strawhat Luffy, right?
    I wanna check out the Admiral
    crewman: Mr Apoo, don't say that... let's get out of here!!

    Page 4:
    Hawkins: Stay calm... it did not say today is the day for me to die.

    Page 5:
    Kizaru: Whatever the case is, we can't sit by when a World Noble is hurt, Sengoku-san...
    Sengoku: Kizaru...
    Kizaru: I'll go. I'll be right back, don't worry.

    Page 6:
    Disco: ....!?
    Doflamingo: And I'm.... no, WE'RE called up on mandatory summon by the marine.
    What do you see from this future? "Whitebeard Pirates" vs "Shichibukai"
    Disco: !!?

    Page 7:
    Raleigh: It's ok, stay still.
    Camie: .....!!
    someone: It's dangerous! You can't take that off without a key!!


    someone: It's ringing!! What are you doing!!
    It's too late....... Camie!!

    Raleigh takes off the collar, and throws it away. It explodes.

    Page 8:
    Raleigh: You're defeinitly no half-ass to withstand it.
    Law's crewman: Man, I almost fainted there...
    Law: I didn't expect to see such a big one here.
    Kid: "Dark Lord" Silvers Raleigh....!! No mistaken about it. Why is the legendary man in a place like this...

    Page 9:
    Raleigh: Oh yeah, I won't use that power anymore, so you guys handle this. It'd be annoying to live here if the marines found out who I am. The longer it takes, the more soldiers will be here. I'm going to go ahead.
    Kid: Heck, since I'm here, I'll help you guys.
    I'll take care of them at the front, so don't worry.
    (Luffy and Law both looked annoyed at the suggestion that Kid will take care of it)

    Page 10:
    Luffy: You guys can sit back.
    Kid: I told YOU two to sit back.
    Law: If you tell me what to do again, I'll erase you first, Eustass.

    Page 11:
    Luffy: Gomu Gomu no.... Baloon!!
    Kid: "Repel".

    Page 12:
    Law: ROOM.
    Marine: What's with this circle!!

    Page 13:
    Law: "shambles".
    Marine: what!?
    Another marine: Watch out, cannons won't stop these guys!
    All three of them... are ability users!!!

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    Those new spoilers are proof that Kid's abilitys are definitely interesting, he reflected a cannon ball . I so wanna see that....


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Well, this is just the introduction chapter of the war, just like this week's Naruto.
    We won't be seeing real fight til next chapter at least, I suppose...

    But it's awesome anyway

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    DAmm Law's Ability sounds mad(Movement in Space).i think im gonna like him alot
    movement in space,he could move anything to anywhere(or as far as he can see,which is still good).

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