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    D.Gray-man D.Gray-man Volume 15 RAW

    Go and get it here or here!

    Volume 15: HQ Under Attack

    This volume covers Night 139 to Night 149 (11 Chapters)

    139th Night: HQ Under Attack / Headquarters Under Siege
    140th Night: The Other Side of the Door
    141st Night: Ally
    142nd Night: Come On Now
    143rd Night: Glance
    144th Night: Black Star, Red Star
    145th Night: Darkness 4...
    146th Night: Dark Child
    147th Night: Weapon of Slaughter
    148th Night: Summoned
    149th Night: That Day, The Girl...

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    It's out already!? Jeez!!!

    Cute cover, though. XDD

    Thanks for the share! <333

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    Nice cover! I was so tempted to buy this volume but the chapters... I rather wait for vol 16. Glad I can get it here.

    Thanks Bushidodude for the sig and avatar!

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