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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiseimaru View Post
    Hmm, No where in the manga does it say anything about Uchiha Madara, apart from when the Kyuubi mentions his name.

    So the Tengo theory (which is a fanfic) which says Madara was the first Uchiha is more or less totally baseless...

    It's highly likely that "Tobi" is in fact Uchiha Madara -the third Uchiha alive...

    When Kisame says that Itachi is the last Uchiha, (364-P5) note what Itachi says, "No - He's not dead yet" and then says "and besides.." then weirdly..comments on the weather...

    This indicates that Itachi knows something about another Uchiha... and maybe this Uchiha is the same person who told Itachi how to get MS and advised him to kill his clan members.

    But taking what "Tobi" says on the second last page of 364, He goes "my power, Uchiha Madara's power" - kinda indicates (like someone already said) that maybe he somehow acquired Madara's eye... and that he himself is not Madara...

    Weird, I wonder what "Madara's power" is.. or is he referring to the Sharingan/MS.

    BTW, Pain/Payne has all these piercings - piercings = pain...
    are you kidding me. first the chances that tobi is madara is very slim. madara would be to old it's more likely that obito is tobi because he would still be young. when itachi says no he's not dead yet he's talking about sasuke. he looked down when he heard that his brother died but something about the storm made his mind at ease so he had faith in the fact that his brother was still alive. when tobi says "my power, uchiha madara's power" doesn't make him madara it just means that he has the sharingan. whenever we think of the sharingan we usually think of madara because he is suspected to be the first uchiha with the sharingan.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    come to think of it nobody said Madara died, and he said i will show the tru power of sharingan my power uchiha madara's power, and another thing i can't be obito for people making guesses because if you read the Kakashi Gaiden manga you will see that his right eye was crushed by the stone. and he gave is only eye to kakashi.
    there are still secrets about the sharingan that the readers don't know yet. the only people that know of its secrets are itachi and sasuke. when tobi says "i will show the true power of the sharingan my power uchiha madara's power" it's safe to say that he as well knows all the secrets of the sharingan therefore he knows the full extent of its power. hence he can show it's true power.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tayuya101 View Post
    *missed some pages* >.> Sasuke didnt have goggles, we didnt see his dad have them either...Actually, from any of the family, I dont think I saw anyone else have goggles..
    There was room for improvent in that clan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wicked View Post
    I don't think Itachi is aimed for Akatsuki's plan, he just wants a challege with Sasuke
    I agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient View Post
    There was room for improvent in that clan.
    HAHAHAHAHA well said =]

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    this has bothered me ever since i have heard of the tobi/obito theory: apart from the similar name, and that the hole on tobi is on the side where obito had another sharingan eye (which was CRUSHED by huge rocks) (these being evidence that tobi=obito), why the hell would tobi be obito? it would make absolutely no sense. obito, a leaf ninja who died protecting his comrades, all of a sudden decides to be the man behind akatsuki, an evil organization that plans to take over the world?

    everyone looms over the name and that "lol omg no1 recuvrd the bodi!1", but the point is that the story wouldnt make sense if they were the same.

    btw next chap probly shows tobi=obito

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wicked View Post
    Madara is OLD, too old to be alive
    Yeah, 'caus people who don't age haven't appeared in the Naruto-series. I've counted four so far, not counting tsunade who hid her age
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_T View Post
    BTW... does it bug any1 else that tobi doesnt seem to receive any damage what so ever from any of the attacks dealt by sasuke? (totally off topic but its perking my curiosity)
    Good point. ghost no jutsu?

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    two more beast to go and then kachingggggg!......obito is a uchiha kachingaching.... its seems like they are truly interested in Sasuke's growth, Lets see what Itachi's plan really is now, let me be the first to say that very soon Itachi will turn on this group and they'll be a dispute between him and Obito in the near future... Pain i think will be a real treat to watch, i think he is stronger than most of us think and he may even have a bloodline limit also..... finally Naruto is back and getting interesting chapter by chapter

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    I think that Naruto´s gang confronts Sasuke´s group in the inn Sasuke was staying. Then suddenly Pein and the bluehair girl attack the inn and make a flashy entrance. The chapter ends when everyone start looking at Pein.

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