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    Please Help Me With This One

    Please teach me how to convert the left colored picture into a clear white with Outlines, which is shown on the right picture
    If possible, the easiest way for a noob like me to easily follow
    Thanks a bunch

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    You must clean manually,search something tutorial about cleaning in deviantart

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    Couldn't you just color select all blacks and copy/paste them to a new canvas? seems straightforward enough.

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    ^ Nagumo

    Seriously , how do you color select all black?

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    one way is to click on one of the black lines with the wand tool but make sure o uncheck the contagus button

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    oh snap... nice tutorial blud... the pen tool has been giving me a headache

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    the outline color(black) isn't really solid.
    after you select all the black, it won't give you a really good result.

    if I were doing this one, I would make a new layer fills with white.
    next, put the new layer at opacity of 40%-50% so that you can see the bottom image somewhat.
    then use pentool to go around the edge and stroke. ^^

    don't know how to use pentool?
    polygonal lasso tool can do the same thing.
    if you can't make good curves with it, simply need more practice^^
    also, you can't use simulate pressure for lasso tool >.>
    which makes pentool better =)


    ^Mike: if you're trying to figure out pentool by yourself, of course it causes you some headache. =p
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