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    New Canadian Copyright Bill proposed

    This is a new Law Drafted in Canada thought I'd pass it on...

    News Story from Yahoo news

    News story from

    The hard and short of it is The amendment proposes a $500 fine for anyone caught downloading copyrighted material such as music and movies. The current law imposes a hefty $100,000 fine for minors caught in their parents' home downloading five copyrighted movies. how they catch people as you can note is not discussed above. However it was on the news here yesterday so I'll sum. The Canadian ISPs Track clients data (like all ISPs however they delete your record after a certain amount of time). This new Bill allows those ISPs to keep your record of what they think are "suspect" and either contact the copyright owner or after the copyright owner tells the ISP they suspect one of their clients is downloading their work, your record is then put to the courts and a warrent for your arrest and/or your fine is made.

    The Law really looks like it is "US-Made"

    The Canadian government tried this in Dec, 2007 it failed, and after revisiting the issue this "reform" of that failure lacks the same part they missed the last time "balance between consumers and copyright holders." Consumers are turning away from DRM media and this bill basically encourages it. As well Copyright views are so many and as so have no clear rule that can help/effect all of them.

    On a side note the minority government in Canada is on the rocks right now, and there are alot of signs pointing to a No-confidence vote being held to start an Election. That would kill this bill..however who knows for how long...

    I guess I know who I'm not voting for....
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    Yeah...I support your vote...screw the bill. Of course, if it did pass in canada (somehow) it wouldn't affect me as much I don't think until retards in our government say "Hey, what a great idea, and it comes across the pacific...and we get screwed over as well...


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    if so, just stream anime and read manga online >_>

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    I think their biggest concern is with the movies and music, so honestly anime and manga will probably get absolutely no attention as usual.

    When was the last time you saw an anti-scanlation ad in manga/anime? On the other hand pirated music and movies have had a lot of media attention.

    Manga and anime is just too obscure a media in countries other than Japan that it's of no concern to most people.

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