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@Knife eater,

As the narrative went, Hashirama and Madara were part of two seperate rival Clans and they clashed in battle several times, until the two Clans finally agreed to form Konoha. This does not seem to allow for love interests between the two of them. Also, I could be wrong, but the Uchiha of those days seem to be a rather bloody bunch. I guess I am not seeing how Madara could be motivated by loss as someone who struggled for power and leadership, and finally acquired it at the cost of his own brother's eyesight.

I am surprised that Madara would talk about love, hate and peace given his own history of seeking peace through Power and domminance Like the SO6P's older son.
Very true, I do believe the narrative is accurate and true without leaving much room in the way of startling revelations. However, the old man madara, in personaluty and through his statements stands almost contrary to what we knew about madara up to that point. It's as if madara succumbed to change himself just shy of a paradigm shift. Furthermore, zetsu suggests that "bringing loved ones back from the dead" is a conscious and deliberate tenant within the dream world he intends to create. That is building up to the discovery madara indeed cared about one person and lost them and i don't think izuna quite fits in that. Zabuza is a perfect example of being part of conditions similar to uchiha's bloodier days yet still having the capacity to care about someone. It doesn't have to be a love interest but you also have to admit that the narrative you refer to is, in abstraction, a solid base for 'Romeo and Juliette'. Perhaps madara loved a senju woman? Like I said, the old man madara does not seem much in line with the madara of legend, the madara as name, nor the edo madara we get to see first hand. The old guy is just short of being awkwardly and twistedly compassionate. There must be something more to madara's motivation besides what we already know.

Lastly, outside of naruto, almost every story in which a character wishes to create a dream world/false reality or succumb to fantasy, it is almost every time born from a desire to be with someone again that reality otherwise makes impossible. If madara has nobody besides himself then i find it hard to believe he would care to return to the world from death and subjugate it with illusion.