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^ Did you just implied that Zetman, ehm I mean Obito Fusion Armor, owned the strongest of the 7 swordsmen ? That would have been awesome ;D. It would explain how he could even die, why Spiral Zetsu died and how Obito lost his other arm as well.

Looks like Obito copied some of Sprial Z's body movements, seeing as his Sharingan is constantly active. Probably the part around his eye, is made of foreign organism and thus it acts the same as a transfered Sharingan, that's why it doesn't go blind and is always active, just like for Kakashi.

Funny enough, Obito doesn't look like his parents at all, assuming that one of the photos/drawings is of his parents.
I'm not so sure about the rest of your post but yes, let's say I implied obito took out the strongest of the 7. I want to see kakashi struggle against a swordsman, fail at protect rin by some way reasonable. Afterwards, i want obito to encounter and defeat the swordsman that killed rin, whom kakashi couldn't defeat, thereby obito reaching the point where he can say he is stronger than kakashi. Keep in mind that I am not saying they faced ALL of the swordsmen, just one or two, otherwise the battle would be too ridiculous to believe even kakashi survived. I doubt minato would be with them since the bridge mission was their mission with minato leading the team.

I'm also wondering if obito has been replaced in kakashi's team