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    Im liking the idea that besides rin's death the spiral zetsu might have contributed to the corruption of obito, as well as aiding his growth both physically and mentally thus allowing him to take on the 4th. Looking at his height now I would say that he probably tries to attack konoha pretty soon...though age wise it seems a little off since i rmb gai kakashi n kurenai still being teens when the kyubi attacked.

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    I don't know if anyone has pointed it out, but I don't buy the whole "Kakashi and Rin is in trouble". Because Zetsu says it's Hidden Mist ninjas. Really? Hidden Mist? We know Tobi later has an affinity with the hidden mist. Also Madara had. So I think it's all a set up really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Bones View Post
    I don't know if anyone has pointed it out, but I don't buy the whole "Kakashi and Rin is in trouble". Because Zetsu says it's Hidden Mist ninjas. Really? Hidden Mist? We know Tobi later has an affinity with the hidden mist. Also Madara had. So I think it's all a set up really.
    Maybe that's why he took up that affinity. You remember the old "Blood Mist" nickname that the hidden mist acquired? What better revenge for killing Rin than taking over their Mizukage's mind and making the children kill each other!


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    So the reason for Obito's sudden growth spurt when he fought the 4th was due to fusing with a Zetsu... Kishi successfully fills in the plothole, good on him.

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Many of us expected that Madara had a hand in Rin's death. The only question is how Madara was able to influence the Mist village at this point; it seems he uses the Zetsu to observe/move about in the world, as Madara is still stuck in the cave. Could one of the Zetsu have Madara's missing Right Eye? Assuming the Long-Haired Tobi that Kisame met is actually Obito (hinted by Obito's lengthier hair in this chapter, which looks a lot like Madara's), it's likely that Madara/Tobi are in possession of eyes particularly suited to Genjutsu.

    The personality of the Spiral Zetsu is a shock! This chapter all but confirmed that the current Tobi is actually a perfect fusion of Obito and Spiral Zetsu, hence the drastically increased intelligence and physical size/ability. This could be part of why Tobi insists that he is "No One" and that the name Obito means nothing to him. I believe part of Obito still lives on in Tobi, but he is equally "Spiral Zetsu", an android created from Madara's mental energies to fulfill the Moon's Eye Plan.

    I wonder what this means when we consider Tobi's desire to become a "complete being"! Perhaps Spiral Zetsu gained a higher degree of free will by combining himself with Obito. Perhaps, while Obito's mind was corrupted by Spiral Zetsu's (and thus Madara's) evil nature, Obito's good nature somehow is still alive within Tobi (I'm fully expecting a Talk-no-Jutsu, for the record).

    Perhaps the union between Obito and Spiral Zetsu is the reason Madara trusts Tobi's loyalty/intelligence; it's likely that Spiral Zetsu was designed never to rebel against Madara, and also received a good share of Madara's own mental energies. I believe the mental aspect of the different Zetsu comes from the roots that link Madara to the Mazou; while Madara feeds off the Mazou's physical vitality to stay alive, the Mazou is able to receive Madara's spiritual/mental powers to give birth to Zetsu.

    This fills in a lot of the blanks for why Obito was corrupted. He wasn't merely enamoured with Madara's talk of a world without suffering or the hopelessness of reality, but rather Obito sold his soul (in part unwittingly) to take a short-cut in overcoming his limitations. We've seen this before; Sasuke willingly accepted Orochimaru's Cursed Seal and sought out Orochimaru's tutelage for the sake of defeating Itachi. Naruto relied on the Kyuubi instead of his own strength in his hurry to save Sasuke and protect his friends. But as always, where Naruto and Sasuke always seem to come out okay (largely due to the help they receive from major players such as Itachi, Jiraiya, and Minato), nothing goes well for Obito. He'll lose his friends and his soul; Madara's plans are inescapable.

    I'm curious to see to what extent Obito chooses his fate. Is it merely a case of wearing the "Zet-Suit" for too long, or does he give in to the merger willingly in order to improve himself? I'm guessing it's mostly willingly, even if Obito doesn't fully understand the implications of combining his mind with Spiral Zetsu. The Zetsu hinted that Madara intended to create a world where even the dead could be revived, and it seems likely they dropped that information so that Obito would remember it when he experienced the loss of his friends.

    I'm definitely re-reading some key Tobi chapters now. The great thing about this chapter is it quite literally introduced the "other half" of Tobi, the part that we couldn't previously reconcile with Obito. My guess is that Spiral Zetsu wanted to use Obito as his "Black Half" to become complete, similar to how White Zetsu later combined with the more-intelligent Black Zetsu (who's origins I can't predict yet).

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    Senior Member Yoru's Avatar
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    Ya know, i really wouldn't be surprised if Obito really were madara's descendant. Just look at his hairstyle! He looks like a young Madara!

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    By now (Current day in NarutoLand), Tobi is even more Zetsu than he was initially.

    At first only his Right Half (of his body) was Zetsu, but later we see that at least his left arm was also Zetsu.

    By here his left arm was a replaceable Zetsu part too.


    Also it's now obvious that Tobi wasn't simply replacing parts, he may have been growing them too.

    Again, one wonders why Tobi didn't use Mokuton, since he obviously can.

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    This is a great chapter! slowly Kishi is revealing how Obito became Tobi, where his spiral mask came from, he's the long haired man Itachi met so long go, and it explains how he was able to act like a bumbling idiot but still possess the abilities to fight Yondaime. As far as Madara and if he setup up the whole Rin death, I highly doubt it, but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, it was a little heart warming when they spiral faced guy helped Obito and he thank him, obviously a friendship was built between them

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    Senior Member knife eater's Avatar
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    How do zetsu know what kakashi and rin look like if they act like obito's shouting in his sleep is the first time they heard of either kakashi or rin? However you can explain it, there were deceptive motives at work. Nothing at all seems like chance or coincidence. This is classic encyclopedia brown moments.

    I think that the zetsu's function like a cacoon. last weeks chapter showed them hanging as empty shells. I think obito spent time in the spirally one before the rest of zetsu matter was stitched in. The spiral could very well be the result of the then dormant nature of his sharingan dictating several aspects of that particular zetsu's growth. Maybe madara with foreknowledge of obito had that zetsu prepared?

    Hidden mist ninjas. Now, this is kishimoto's perfect chance to redeem himself from skipping the kakashi copy ninja rampage. Next week could show young kakashi fighting any number of the then seven swordsmen. It would be most welcome if such a flashback gave us something to reflect the edo swordsmen battle we were so inhumanely teased with.
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    ^ Did you just implied that Zetman, ehm I mean Obito Fusion Armor, owned the strongest of the 7 swordsmen ? That would have been awesome ;D. It would explain how he could even die, why Spiral Zetsu died and how Obito lost his other arm as well.

    Looks like Obito copied some of Sprial Z's body movements, seeing as his Sharingan is constantly active. Probably the part around his eye, is made of foreign organism and thus it acts the same as a transfered Sharingan, that's why it doesn't go blind and is always active, just like for Kakashi.

    Funny enough, Obito doesn't look like his parents at all, assuming that one of the photos/drawings is of his parents.

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