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    - Zetsu origins finally answered

    - More info than we ever needed to know ...Zetsu doesnt Poo lol

    - Tobi can survive without food or water check.

    - Those pictures in Obito's room one looks like his parents

    - He was training with Mokutan

    - The "Long Hair Masked man" has finally been silently answered ...

    - This may explain why Tobi targeted the Mist village

    - Well the merger with the Swirl face Zetsu may explain the intelligence upgrade & how he was able to take on the 4th.

    - This probably how Black Zetsu was born as well.

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    Well Im not entirely ok with this sort of "explanations" bcs everything was implied without none confirmation whatsoever.

    So it seems like the swirly Zetsu and Obito are somehow connected to each other, maybe at this point in time they are one being in which 2 personalities are put together. This explains physical growth and to some degree even growth in strength.

    Its kind of weird to know that Obito doesnt have to eat drink and tend to his primal needs, makes him look so inhuman.

    The half that the Zetsu in this Flashback is missing was used to replace Obitos crushed body ?

    His hair grew pretty long,what does it take fo hair to grow so much anyway ? several months ? Did he really stay in such a place for so long ? That alone would be more then enough for me to go insane tbh.

    Next chapter we get to see Rins death and Obitos MS awakening, that should be interesting.
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    Well at least this explains where Obito got his spiral mask idea from. He'll probably grow quite close to spiral zetsu.

    As for the explanations for his spurt in growth and intelligence... Kishimoto can go anywhere from here I guess.

    Zetsu's "simple" speech about Madara's motives really sounds like Madara wants to bring back Izuna, that being the key idea that Zetsu said while keeping everything else simple and straightforward. Seem's like a sob story on Madara's part, having his brother sacrificed to give him more power but to just lose to Hashirama.

    You really begin to feel for the guy haha

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    Well, it was an awesome chapter.

    There were at least 3 different white Zetsus: the spiral one, the right half one and the full one, which probably was later used for cloning ?

    Kakashi was spying on Obito in his room, while Obito was *ehem with Rin's picture .

    Pretty awesome how Obito trained by himself to master mokuton a little and his new body, after all he is a hard worker.

    Obito has fallen to one of Madara's tunnels that stretch out through the whole shinobi world and then was brought by Zetsu to Madara's hideout.

    Looks like at least half a year has passed.

    The spiral Zetsu implied that Obito can now destroy boulders with one punch :O.

    I wonder which one of them, the White Zetsu, was talking about ? Obito that wanted to save his friends, or the Spiral Zetsu that wanted to help him ?

    The Spiral Zetsu has a great sensing abilities, to be moving so accurately without eyes.

    Looks like the Spiral Zetsu is going to die and it is in tribute to him, that Obito will wear that spiral mask.

    The Fusion Armor is pretty sweat.

    The reason why Madara had to fall asleep... is he giving his spiritual energies to the statue as well (which means that the Zetsu have some of his as well, since they aren't soulless clones, like the one in the Mazou) ? I guess, combining the 2 bloodlines and creating an artificial giant human, was in order to mimic So6p's capabilities to host Jyubi's chakra.

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    Global Moderator Jaiden's Avatar
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    Good chapter. Well I guess we know where Obito got the idea for his spiral mask. And Rin's probably gonna die next chap.
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    Thoughts and Impressions:

    1) The spiral Zetsu is a special purpose Wearable (Gundam) Zetsu: Has Madra himsel used it before in order to be able to move around?
    2) Since Madara is connected to the Mazo, can he Act through the Zetsus via his connection?

    3) Obito's mind seems to be slowly being eroded, would witnessing Rin's death be the final straw?

    4) The Zetsus, and espsecially the Spiral Zetsu, have inteligence. If the Spiral Zetsu has Madra's memories, knowledge, and some of his skills, then Tobi would posses these too.

    5) Okay Kishimoto. I can see where you're going. You may be able to persuade me yet. It's a way for Tobi = Madara, YET not be Madara.

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    Senior Member Yondaime123's Avatar
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    Hahaha,swirling zetsu is showing Obito the finger

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    首はねスレイマン Saiges's Avatar
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    "You keep on saying RinRinRin, are you planning to look for a bell or something?" LOL! Epic Zetsu's are epic!
    Despite the dumb outcome of theories, I enjoyed this chapter. We'll have to question itachi's intelligence now >.>

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    Senior Member Yoru's Avatar
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    This chapter shed a new light on zetsu. He has never been so cool and funny to me, as he is now.

    PLUS, there are many videos on youtube that put "somebody's watching me" song as zetsu's theme. With this chapter I can see it's really fits him "we are....watching you!"

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    Pervy Sage bluntman_exe's Avatar
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    I like how these recent chapters are explaining so much. The manipulation of Obito mirrors that of Sasuke in some ways, except that with Sasuke it was to keep him on a dark path and then push him even further into the badbooks of the ninja world where as Obito was the Uchiha equivalent of Naruto so for his transition to be believable then it can't appear to be too easy (and I think Kishi is on the right track). Also what is with Uchiha being so intelligent but apparently not smart enough to see that the elder Uchiha who is keeping them captive is the one responsible for the events that are a critical turning point in their lives which eventually drives them toward the darkness and to do Madara's bidding. I mean to me the reader it is clear that Madara used Zetsu to bring Obito to Madara, sealed the exit with that giant boulder and then orchestrates things on the outside so that Obito whitnesses Rin's death so that he accepts that life sucks and that everybody is better off being forced to live in a genjutsu dreamland.
    While Sasuke eventually accepted the story that the Kyuubi attack was a freak of nature and that the leaf jumped to the conclusion that the Uchiha (who had turned their backs on Madara generations ago) had summoned the kyuubi and used it to attack. Even though as far as we know the only Uchiha (as acknowledged widely by Konoha at the time) to use the kyuubi like that was Madara. And that the village elders and the Senjuu are to blame for what became of Itachi and the Uchiha hence his emo desire to destroy the Leaf.

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