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    Bleach Bleach -98 Spoilers

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    Bleach -98 spoilers

    Post here spoiler summaries, translations, pictures and scripts of the upcoming chapter.
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    Summary by Annie:

    Continues from the last chapter, Aizen still standing calmly and only asks what Urahra and Tessai are doing there. Tousen asks Aizen if he could take care of them but Aizen refuses. Tousen is about to protest when Aizen repeats his word. It causes Tousen to fall on his knees and immediately apologizes to Aizen.

    Urahara is looking at Shinji when Shinji asks him what why did he come here. Urahara asks Shinji back why is he wearing such a hideous mask and it causes Shinji to smile a bit. Urahra smiles back but once he turns to look at bloodied Hiyori, he face fell. Then he turns back to look at Aizen coldly.

    Urahara asks what is Aizen doing there. Aizen replies that he just happen to find the special investigation squad injured from a fight and their souls are about to disappear so he helped them.

    “Why are you lying?” Asks Urahraha.

    “Lie? What is wrong with a lieutenant to help captains out?”

    “No, I’m not bothered with that part.” Then Urahara points out people on the ground, “Injuries from a fight? This is an ‘injury’? Don’t lie. This is hollowification.”

    After a brief silence, Aizen says Urahara is just what he thought. Then Aizen releases his reiatsu which stunts Urahara. He’s ready for an attack from Aizen. But all Aizen does is to seal his zampakutou and walk away with Gin and Tousen. Urahara yells at him to stop when Tessai tells him to move away and uses haduo 88, ‘hiryuugekizoshintenraihou’ to attack Aizen. But Aizen uses bakudo 81, ‘danku’. Tessai is shock that Aizen could stop his attack but the three are gone.

    Tessai apologizes to Urahara and before they can speak more Shinji suddenly scream out. Urahara and Tessai rush to his side and Urahara says, “This is too much, if we to heal here…” Tessai heard it before he speaks, “Urahara dono, seem like you know something about ‘this’. About some unfamiliar word like ‘turned into a hollow.”

    All Urahara does is staying quiet.

    “If so, then you know how to ‘handle’ this, am I correct?”

    Urahara stay silent for a while before saying, “If to ‘gamble’, then there is a way.” So Tessau walks to all the injurers and say, “I will take 8 of them to 12th Division right away. If we have equipments then we can heal them!”

    “Take them in this condition? How?”

    “I will use ‘jikanteisei’ (stops the time) and ‘kuukantentei (moves the dimension).” Which the answer stunts Urahara because those are forbidden techniques. So Tessai asks Urahara to close to eyes and ears and ignore him for a while.

    A scene cut to 12 Division HQ. Tessai uses kuukantentei to move several stuffs in the room so there is enough space for 8 captains and the vice captains.

    “Turn into a hollow is the ‘answer’ I discovered during the research to strengthen the shinigami spirit.”

    “In the past, I have created a tool. A tool that is able to break the barrier between the shinigami and the hollow.” Then Urahara takes out an object from the cloth. It reveals to be a small, round black object which is covered by some sort of glass,

    “It’s name is ‘hougyoku’ and I will use it to cure Hirako kun and everyone.”
    Posted by yanniv:

    Translation of text on pic by Danna:
    Both of them are forbidden techniques
    Therefore, please close your ears and eyes for a while from now on
    From BleachAsylum

    Posted by spacecat:

    Translation by spacecat (thanks to Danna for clearing up some things ):

    Urahara asks Aizen what he was doing and Aizen replies that he discovered the group of captains etc and came to help them.

    Urahara asks why Aizen is lying and he replies that he doesn't see what the problem is with a vice captain trying to help his injured captain.

    Urahara: "this is hollowification." He says he is the type of guy he suspected all along. Aizen's group splits up.

    While the group is splitting Tessai uses Hadou 88, a destruction spell, "hiryuugekizokushintenraihou" to attack them but it is defended by bakudou 81 "dankuu".

    Tessai is surprised that his technique could be stopped by Aizen who is only a vice captain.

    Aizen's group is able to leave. Urahara and Tessai then try to help Hirako and the others but it's hard to do it at the scene.

    Tessai asks Urahara if he knows a way to deal with this type of phenomenon after giving such a speech (TN: about hollowification I presume).

    Urahara says he has a possible way of helping them though it's risky, he asks him to transport all of them to the 12th division.

    He (Tessai) uses forbidden techniques (jikanteishi/kuukanteni) to transport themselves and the land to the 12th division.

    Hollowification was one of the solutions Urahara discovered when researching how to strengthen the souls.

    The boundary between shinigami and hollow will be destroyed within an instant with this process creating substance.

    Therefore he will use the hougyoku to cure them. The end.

    浦原がなぜウソをつくかと聞いたら、愛染は戦闘で負傷した隊長を副隊長が助けることに問題でも ?としらばく れようとする。
    これは虚化だと裏腹がいうと、やはり君は思ったとおりの男だといい、愛染たち退散しようとする 。
    退く愛染たちにテッサイが破道の88「飛竜撃賊震天雷炮」を詠唱破棄して放つが、縛道の81「 断空」で防ぐ 。
    浦原の言動からこの現象について知っていると判断したテッサイは対処法も知っているのかと問い 、

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    So speculations were right... The Hougyokou was created to heal the Vaizards.

    Now, does this mean that Aizen believes the Vaizards to be dead? Does he know that they are still around?

    I can understand why the Vaizards are pissed at SS since they let Gin, Tousen, and Aizen become captains...

    And it seems like this will be the real reason why Urahara gets exiled. He discovered it while creating that Gigai that makes souls human so maybe that's why SS used that excuse.
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    yeah this really getting interesting cant wait for this to go out

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    No Aizen knows that the vaizards are still alive. He knows that the Hyougyoku could've saved them from the hollowfication and also Hirako has appeared in the Human world numerous of times im sure Aizen was aware of his appearance, not to mention when Hirako attacked Grimmjow and was saved by Ulquirro (Aizen's loyal bitch) Im sure Ulq reported the incident to Aizen (if he didn't already know).

    I'm pissed because it's like cannot be harmed in any way, I mean he stops a Kidou captains lvl 88 with a lvl 81!!! WTF!?

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    well the spoilers look real and it's pretty interesting. i'm definitely looking forward to the chapter


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    seems to predictable to be real..........

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    If its real, then I was right about the hougyoukou

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    Byakuya used the same lvl 81 'shield' spell in Hueco mundo against the 7th espada. It's supposed to Block Kido spells up to 89 or something like that. The Spoilers seem real, and they do walk down the road of preditability. But the real question is "when are we going to see Isshin?!?!"

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    I still don't get why Ichigo wouldn't need the hougyouku to stop his transformation if every other vaizard did?
    Also I just remembered that Urahara uses Gigai to help him fight as decoys and isn't his body supposed to be a Gigai to keep SS from detecting him? Something like what he originally did to Rukia? For future purposes doesn't this mean he could be tremendously more powerful in his own body?

    But I agree this chapter seems predictable and very short.
    I also hate that Aizen doesn't even get touched by most attacks + how the hell could Urahara let them escape. Also seems like people's theories are right about Urahara possibly being blamed because he's there afterwards.

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