Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb (mokuton joke) and say Naruto will create a new vessel for the 10 tails, his own "mazo".

I believe the vessel of the 10 tails from the time of the so6p remains on the moon. The gedou mazo is the vessel for the 10 tails that madara created. The name, "gedou mazo" translates to "demon/magic person (from hell) of false doctrine. The "gedou" aspect implies it isn't the true vessel and furthermore, isn't in line with how so6p envisioned the fate of the tailed beasts.

So, we just had a flashback of obito meeting old man madara. In that hideout we see madara tethered to "mazo " in the shape of a giant lotus not in bloom. In some chapters prior to 600 we see panels drawn of the gedou mazo sitting in the blossomed lotus
I think that is enough to go by in thinking madara created the gedou mazo by it growing in the lotus. It containing hashirama's replicant probably means hashirama's power is vital in it's growth and maintenance but it also must contain madara's power as well if it is to properly handle the 10 tails. It needs the balance and restoration of the sage's bloodlines and energies. The blindfold is symbolic to uchiha as well as covering an empty socket that reveals the ultimate eye of juubi.

Now that naruto has a good relationship with the tailed beasts they will wish to be with him instead of madara and tobi.
There will need to be a proper vessel and if hashirama's power indeed created the two "mazo" madara and tobi posses then i believe naruto's "life blooming" aura when in rikoudo mode will react to something or maybe use the chakra from 9tails but that ability will be responsible for giving birth to a new body to contain the 10 tails.