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    No, the only dubs I have ever watched was DBZ and Hellsing.


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    so i guess anyone whose watched it can agree, FullMetal Alchemist was a pretty good dub. it was uber-ness, in all its characters. but Al was a little whiny sometimes... i actually liked it better than the subbed version, because Ed's voice reminded me too much of dubbed-naruto...

    dont get me started on that...
    i mean, sakura already makes us want to stick needles in our eyes, but adding on a squeaky over-dramatic-im-gonna-help-and-make-things-worse vioce makes me want to put barbed wire through my ear drums.

    ya, its that bad.

    and im sure we can all agree.

    ---[Note: sorry for the graphic description, but come people, its sakura, Believe IT!!]---

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    I used to watch dubs when I was little like DBZ and yes...sailor moon. I watched that out when I was very young. Now I just absolutely hate dubs and will avoid them at all cost if the first ep is horrible. Cowboy Beebop, .Hack, Inuyasha were good dubs. Movies too I think that Spirited Away was an amazing dub as well as Mononoke-Hime. Howl's Movie Castle was so so but Billy Crystal was awesome. Um...but really I like to stay away from dubs. If I can I find the original subs.

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    I have seen Dragonball with English dubs with Dutch subtitles when they aired it here on tv. I checked Fullmetal Alchemist with dubs because Al kept saying Nii-san all the time. It was so annoying to listen too.

    All other animes I checked where Japanese with subs.

    Naruto and Hellsing had really lame english dubs.

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    fma and cowboy bebop were the only exceptions to the subs>dubs rule

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    never watched a dubbed anime....unless it went on tv first and i watched about 20 eps : (
    School and helping out at just kills me i miss this place.......
    im sorry to say but ill probably almost never get a chance to go on here but if you ever need me..............

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    Nope, never its not even an option.
    Så glöm allt för kung är min riktiga titel.

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    i like dubbing from chobits and pokemon.honey and clover too
    but mostly(and especially,flame of recca),sux

    ayanami rei daisuki :3

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    Pokemon was a pretty good dub.

    -hides from people with guns-

    Well, it WAS. The squeaky Ash voice was always funny, and the Japanese VA was a bit hard to adjust.

    Team Rocket is funnier in English than Japanese too. xD

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    Ugh, I just saw ads for Code Geass in English dub on Aussie TV.

    *shoots self*

    Let's get this party started.

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