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Thread: Front login

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakundes View Post
    i usually log in at (w/out the www.) and (so i can see the latest manga releases)

    i dont type in the www. since it's for third world idiots..
    Well, when you type mangashare and then ctrl + enter (at least in Firefox and I think Opera too), it adds in the www. and the .com for you. Just saying since typing in the .com is "for third world idiots.." Seriously though, don't make fun of people who have certain preferences.

    On topic, clearing cookies worked for me on, at least for this session. Haven't tried restarting Firefox yet.

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    Ive been having the login problem also. I used Woofcats suggestion and emptied my cookies but it just happened again. I use the entrance. It stayed for a few logins, then it stopped working again.

    I am using firefox

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    sometimes I still cannot login
    so, I cleared the cookies and I can login
    however after about an hour or so, I cannot login again
    so I need to clear the cookie again...

    so, I think clearing the cookie is a temporary solution :( :(

    ALL HAIL NELL~sama

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    ok, again, i wanted to log out. but i couldnt. it says im logged out. but on FF it shows im still log in. if i try to log in, it is not possible. coz i seem logged in. btw, all these issues happen with Firefox only. IE seems working fine

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    This worked for a bit when I cleared my cookies but when I changed the settings to legacy it went back to not allowing me to sign in. So I think theres a glitch there.

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