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    Really nice chapter....

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    Central 46 probably orders Urahara and company exiled after this, going just by what people see instead of hearing them out... Since Aizen already has all of SS under his spell, he is going to make them see something completely different from what is actually going on.

    Well unfortunately this proves that Yamamoto is also under Aizen's shikai... Unless he sees everything but is going along with it to find out Aizen's true motives and intentions, seeing as how he also has to protect the SS king as the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13.

    Either way, I want to see Tousen get killed by Kenpachi... Really, just killed, doesn't matter by who...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaien5576 View Post
    it isn't that Tousen is subduing them easily they are completely scared and freaked out not to mention each is fighting a battle against their own hollow. Ichigo would've been very easy to kill when he was fighting his hollow to not lose himself to it. I wonder why Tousen still needs the mask yet aizen and Gin do not. I guess the mist was gone before Aizen and Gin arrived. I like that they were supposed to be just test subjects and then killed, so not all of Aizens plans always go off perfectly.
    shouldnt they be on a rampage like kensei. I mean didnt tousen stop him easily.

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    They haven't been taken over completely by their hollows, thats why they aren't on a rampage like Kensei and Mashiro were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tensa zangetsu View Post
    if the next chapter does contain a fight i doubt gin will be able to do much damage, so he will probably fight urahara's friend
    You mean Tessai the leader of the kido corps and the one who can do kido lvl 99. He would probably get his ass kicked too by this one too

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    Loved it truelly magnificent but too predictable. But the best part and the thing why I loved it so much is the terrified look on Aizen. Urahara and Benihime trully magnificent finaly ready for battle. What if Urahara kicks Aizen's ass and everybody else. But aizen has aliby and they pretend nothing happened. Urahara stays in SS to watch Aizen Vizards go into exile everyone is happy. Until Ishin ask a favor for a gigai that drains reiatsu and make you untraceable SS finds out and kick Urahara from SS after that Aizen makes his move. It's just a theory and i hope i'm wrong otherwise this manga will be too predictable. And again nice chapter

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    Man I am pumped for next weeks chapter. Urahara better whoop some ass next week!

    In this chapter Aizen says, "Agitation speeds up the hollow transformation." Shinji then replies, "Hollow transformation...whats that?"

    So do hollows exist at this time or what?

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    Who wants to know?!
    @ snizshizzle
    I think he was talking about the transformation part, because before that time no one knew that shinigami could be transformed into hollow or gain their abilities. And that caught him completely off guard.

    I already had guessed Aizen was behind these attacks, my question is how long ago he had developed his plan? My guess probably before he even attended the shinigami academy, if he even did that. And hopefully before this look back in time is finished, we finally find out about Ichigo's dad, Isshin, being a shinigami or captain or any relation to the events occuring in these past few chapters.

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    When he said about the unseen betrayal i think he was refering to the part were betrayed them without him realizing what was what was going on until it was too late, also loved the shocked expresion when Urahara just cacthes them in the act but i dont think theres gonna be a fight becuase he may just escaped and incrimanate them, also my guess is they arent controlling their hollows more like their experiencing fluctuations form the transformations like ichigo did when he got his powers back, anyway i do hope their at a scuffle between them and he hurts them a bit they deserve that much for now.
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    great chapter really nice..guess shinji just wasnt badass enough to notice the difference..but wow even hiyori can still control a little bit of herself in hollow form? anw i like the point where u note that tousen is still wearing the mask. n by this time it has to be the hogyoku at play no? Really interesting how urahara n tessai get framed up. not too mention yourichi has yet to make her appearence. rmb she got exiled too yo. My guess to the point made earlier on y urahara talked bout the vaizard like the were baddies is possibly because they partly blame him for their transformation? which brings me back to the point i've been making the past few wks has aizen done the transformation to himself? if he has he would be REALLY wicked.

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