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    One Piece > Naruto

    Naruto used to be my favorite series. Now it's One Piece. I've noticed the differences more and more lately. The art is superior. From character designs to environments, the chapters are far more detailed and interesting to look at. The storyline is more fast-paced and balanced, with alternating moments of humor and emotion, highs and lows. Not to mention more believable - Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha now? How does that honor the memory of Itachi? Luffy routinely kicks ass, whereas Naruto as a character has been stagnant for ages...

    Anyway, just wanted to get my thoughts out there. I think Naruto's been falling short of what once made it great lately, while One Piece is consistently awesome. It was reading the two chapters that came out today which prompted this post. The translation for OP 502 isn't out yet, but it looks like an amazing chapter.

    (Is it just me, or are the MS admins keeping Sleepyfans' Naruto 403 scan off the tracker?)
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