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    Theories on Jounin Elemental Affinities

    Here's a question, since Kakashi stated most jounin level ninja have at "least" 2 elemental affinities. What do you guys "think" are possible affinities for the known jounins and/or jounin level shinobi we know of.

    Affinities are Fire, Lightning, Wind, Earth & Water
    those are the only 5 if i remember correctly.

    Deidara - Earth (seemed to only have 1 affinity)
    Naruto - Wind (like deidara only 1)
    Sasuke - Fire & Lightning
    Kakashi - Lightning & Water (i noticed he uses high level water jutsus in some of his battles)
    Gai - Earth (he's built like a rock lol)
    Neji - Wind (he has that hadouken like move)

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    Kakashi - Lightning & Water like said before..

    but he also uses fire and earth.. watch ep 4 of the shippudden serie during the match between Kakashi against naruto ans sakura.. i think it would also be found back in the manga..
    for the rest i dont know

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    I pretty much agree w/ what you've said, my only doubt is the neji wind. This LOOSELY based off of stuff from the manga, for all I know he is wind. I only say this because it was discussed that Wind chakra is usually for cutting. Not only that but it was also mentioned that wind chakra was a rare one (if i remember correctly, i'd have to reread that part to be sure.) Neji is a hard one to peg tho, he really isnt seen using ninjustu other than byakukan and the Chakra-point taijutsu.

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    Since when did Naruto become a Jounin? .. i probably missed this point somewhere in the manga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fresh View Post
    Since when did Naruto become a Jounin? .. i probably missed this point somewhere in the manga.

    if u read the tread right.. it was.. jounin or jounin level shinobi..
    i mean, for all we care there could be a genin even more powerful then an jounin

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    I don't think you have to be a certain element to use a jutsu that's a certain element. Like Kakashi using earth element jutsus doesn't mean he has an affinity to earth.

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    What about special affinities? Shikamaru has an affinity with shadows, which to my knowledge isn't one of the five base affinities. I only point this out as its possible that someone like Neji also has a special affinity in addition to or at the cost of one of the five standard affinities.

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    100% neji is nt wind......... in my opinion but he may be. but i'll rather say he is just using chakra. if u look properly neji can now fight in long range which makes his element not of wind coz wind is only for close and mid-range fights. man i dont know we just have to wait for neji to show us his elemnt until then :smile

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    Its most likely that Shikamaru's shadow techniques are a Kekkei genkai. Considering no one else is seen using it other than his father.

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    I doubt they are Kekkei Genki, I think there would be some reference to those of the Nara clan having one if it were. It'd be like saying Ino's or Kiba's techniques are Kekkei Genki as they are only shown being used by members of the same family (something I don't think it true). Its more likely that they are techniques that are mostly kept within those families.

    Maybe I'm off saying that Shikamaru has an affinity with shadow, it just seemed that way as he applied it to the knives like Asuma used to with his wind affinity.

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