I realize the poor timing (as a bunch of you are probably waiting for Naruto around now) and the abruptness, but I felt you guys you should know I'm taking a hiatus from scanlating effective immediately. The plan is to take care of some very overdue RL work projects and alleviate some of the stress that's been accumulating on the manga scene.

Since a large part of our fan base downloads Binktopia's Naruto I felt this announcement was important because it may affect release times. Kylara plans on picking up the slack while I'm gone and we'll see about finding her some help so that the speed isn't affected. She has the preclean scripts and methods for our Naruto scans so it shouldn't be different.

I'll continue to bug fix and take care of small administration duties on MangaShare in the meantime. Thanks guys!

Edit: 403 will be delayed or skipped during this transition.