Hm, I thought about it a little bit, and I desided to make this. Instead of having a billion threads, then having it go pages (if it goes that far) and pages of other's amvs/fanfics for others to never see, people who dont have the ability to make AMVs or dont/cant write stories, you can post your favorite ones here.

Post the link to a story you love from fanfiction (keep it PG-13 for those who are young and into anime, aka, keep it safe and readable!)

Post the AMV or the link to the AMV you love/like/adore/etc so much! Let others see what you think is cool in your eyes, even if they dont like it! =^_^=

This is mainly for those who cant write or make amvs, but it is also thoughs for the ones who DO make em, and found one they like, can post here to.