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    this episode was great and/w naruto special next week is even better xD
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    hhahahaa not telling you
    Gonna be awesome


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    This episode was much better than last one

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    Yeah, I actually liked this episode; however, I agree that the pacing is just a tad slow. Next week should be badass a showdown! Also, I happen to like the VAs for Deidara and Sasori (both voices)...I think they are very fitting for the characters.

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    This episode was far better than the last few and with a double episode next week hopefully we'll actually get to see some good quality fights for a change.

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    a lot more action than we've been seeing but still a drag...interested to see Sakura get out of that cloud of poison and some more action with Guy's team vs. themselves

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    The Sasori fight is one of the best fight scenes in all of Naruto. You won't see something like this again until Orochimaru and then when Hidan and Kakuzu show up.
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    I've been back over the manga lately and it seemed that they're clearing up some of the talking and junk at the moment, Temari and Kankuro leaving the village isn't for like another 6 chapters in the manga and neither is Naruto and Kakashi chasing Deidara. I think they're getting through everything so that they can make the fight really awesome.

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