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    Come to think of it ... He's so unstoppable already ......
    No one can lay a finger on him ... Think about it ....

    Oh you just chopped air .. that was a fake it wasn't me ...
    Oh, look, you just chopped air again, that wasn't me ...
    Now i'll just slide up next to you and stabbity stabb stabb you to death.
    Wait hold on.. there's still my bankai you haven't seen yet ....
    Shucks your dead already.

    and yet Ichigo get's crushed by not even his most powerful minion, so if Ichigo does in fact kill him in the end it is really going to be stupid.

    Aizens bankai power is that he can change the plot of manga to somehow reveal why he cannot be beaten.

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    I don't understand why Gin follows Aizen, or why Aizen trusts Gin. Perhaps Aizen doesn't really trust Gin. Someone like Aizen could end up being betrayed by Gin or Tousen although I doubt this would actually happen.

    Old man Yamamoto Genrusai can defeat Aizen easily. He Just needs to reduce everything within 20 miles to ashes, and Aizen and his illusions will go bye-bye (unfortunately so would everything else). Except of course if Kubo allows Aizen to run away before the fight actually starts.

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    All i can say is that i was right that Urahara knew the truth about Aizen and the Vizards

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