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    Originally Posted by Nihongaeri @ MH

    Aizen: ... that the person always walking behind you was, in fact, not me.
    Sinji: ... Wha...!?
    Aizen: Making the "enemy" misinterpret the entire world just as I please... That is the true power of my Zampakutou, "Kyouka-Suigetsu". This power is called...

    Aizen: "Absolute Hypnosis".
    Sinji: ... Absolute... ... Hypnosis...!?
    Aizen: You are quite the sharp individual, Captain Hirako.
    Aizen: If you had been rutinely interacting with me similar to how other captains interact with their subbordinates, you may very well have been able to see through things.
    Aizen: You, however, did not do such.

    Aizen: A moment ago you said that you had "chosen me to keep an eye on me," but you are mistaken.
    Aizen: Just as a captain has the "right of lieutenant selection", division members have the "right of selection denial".
    Aizen: Granted, while it is quite rare that someone actually exercises this right, I had the choice to "not become lieutenant" all the same
    Aizen: As for why I chose not to...
    Aizen: The circumstances were simply ideal.
    Aizen: The suspicion and doubt you held towards me meshed perfectly with my plans

    (On the next page that can be seen to the left, among other things, Aizen seems to suggest that Shinji's comrades, the other current Vizards, are deserving of an apology from Shinji. The rational behind this statement is, however, not visible.)

    Aizen: Thank you so much for responding to my trivial taunt. (Translation may change slightly with context)
    Sinji: No...! ... Me too...!
    ???: Guh...!

    Hiyori: ...Shi... Shi... n... ... ji...?
    Aizen: Kaname
    Tousen: Sir
    Sinji: Don't you...

    (Next page probably has dialogue similar to the following...
    Aizen: Let us end this, shall we?
    Aizen: You ???????
    Aizen: Your distrust of me was the very reason you kept me by your side and...)

    Aizen: You were are quite exquisite specimen.
    Sinji: Damn... NoooooOOOOOOOOOoOoOOOオオオオオオオオオオオオ!"

    I have pictures, but don't know why they won't show up. Sorry. Hope someone else can get them.

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    I doubt that this spoiler is real. It feels like someone wrote it because they are a fan of Aizen and didn't like how Shinji was able to see through his disguise before.
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    Well it came from two sources no?

    I don't know, but if it's true, Aizen is really pissing me off. I kinda hope someone other than Ichigo kills Aizen... Just to break the norm and be more of a slap to Aizen's face.
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    Damn, I wonder what the hell Aizen's bankai is? This is crazy, can anyone actually see past Aizen or not.

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    I really do not like the villains of this story, accept for Gin. Aizen they have made out to be too powerful and intelligent, and Tousen is just a lame ass blind turd sniffing pee eating but crack. I really want to see some skull F Tousen while Hyori repeatedly kicks Aizen squa in tha nuts. Meanwhile Gin becomes the king of SS and mandates that all woman have chests like Rangiku, the end.

    I don't know what to think about this spoiler, I have seen it from 2 sources and none others have surfaced so I guess it may be real. I was really enjoying these turn back the clock chapters up until -100. Aizen didn't need to be the culprit, and not a single mention of Isshin yet. There has already been more chapters than I though KT said there would be, I expected -100 to be it but it continues. I have a feeling it will go down to -0 or else why would it be numbered this way? Is it going to stop on some random number lik -93?

    I just posted a little more in depth account of this chapter. it seems Aizens plan was to kill them, I guess they were an experiment. Tessai and Urahara show up as aizen is about to kill Shinji and saves him. I am guessing Aizen uses his zan to make SS believe Urahara is responsible for all of this, or else I can't imagine why Urahara and Vaizards would leave SS instead of Aizen.

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    from ba by Annie

    Bleach -99: Turn Back the Pendulum 10

    Continues from the last chapter after Aizen has revealed himself, Hirako says “so it is you..” Aizen asks since when did Hirako knows and he says since the beginning. He says because he never trust Aizen that’s why he has chosen him to become his vice captain.

    “I have to thank you for that, Captain Hirako.” Says Aizen with a smile, “Because you always suspected me, that’s why you never notice.”

    “I said I knew it.”

    “No. You really don’t know…that it wasn’t me who has been by your side for the past month.” Hirako is shock while Aizen continues to talk about making enemy misinterpret the atmosphere around them is the true power of Kyouka Suigetsu. Or the absolute hypnosis

    “You are a very intelligent person, Captain Hirako.” Says Aizen. “If you has approach me like other captains I might have overlooked you. But you did not do it. Because you didn’t trust me so you always keep your distant. You never be open nor share any information to let me get to you.”

    “That is why you never notice someone has switched a place with me. A guy I have used to replace me, I have him learn everything about me. How I act, how I talk and interact with you, how I interact with other sub-ordinates and even how I interact with other captains. Even so, if you really knew me, you would have notice some mistakes from that ‘me’.

    “And that is the reason why you are lying here. Because you know nothing about me, Captain Hirako.”

    All Hirako could do is staring at Aizen while he continues to talk about the right to refuse the vice captain position.

    “Do you understand? You didn’t ‘choose’ me. I have ‘chosen’ you, Captain Hirako. You should apologize to your friends, because you have chosen me to become your vice, that is why them including you are in this situation.” And that makes Hirako so angry that he tries to swing his sword. But the moment he brings his sword out, the mask is starting to form on his face. He then turn around to look at his friends and see that they all are having the mask forming on their faces. Hirako screams at Aizen asking what had he done to them but Hirako ends up screaming in pain.

    “I see.” Says Aizen, “Emotions such as anxiety or anger will increase the rate of becoming a hollow.” Hirako heard that but Aizen says he doesn’t need to know anything and leaves Hirako screamimg.

    Aizen then sees Hiyori who is staring at Hirako for a while and calls him name out. Once she called, Aizen calls Tousen and within a second, he cut Hiyori who is trying to stand up.

    After Hiyori fell, Aizen turns back to Hirako and asks if they should finish this. Aizen draws out his sword, “You are the perfect Captain. Because you suspected me so you interfered. Because you don’t trust me, so you kept the distance and you thought of controlling me those eyes you used.”

    “But allow me to say one thing. Betrayal is not the worst thing. The scariest is the betrayal that eyes cannot see.”

    He lifts his sword and says, “good bye, Captain Hirako. You all are the best resources.”

    But before he could kill Hirako, a shadow attacks Aizen from behind but he managed to block the attack but his vice captain badge falls.

    The person who attacked him is Urahara and behind him is Tessai. All Aizen did is simply says, “Ho…we have new guests.”

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    also from BA

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    aizens shikai is better than tousens bankai like wtf? one is commplete blindness other complete hypnosis and ones just shikai like wtf?

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    Anyone else think Aizen is actually a sad, depressed little kid who maintains illusions all the time so people don't think he's pathetic? Haha, maybe I'm reading into it too much... This shit needs to stop though, with Aizen always being so untouchable! I hate villains who don't actually fight!

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    Come to think of it ... He's so unstoppable already ......
    No one can lay a finger on him ... Think about it ....

    Oh you just chopped air .. that was a fake it wasn't me ...
    Oh, look, you just chopped air again, that wasn't me ...
    Now i'll just slide up next to you and stabbity stabb stabb you to death.
    Wait hold on.. there's still my bankai you haven't seen yet ....
    Shucks your dead already.

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