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    One Piece One Piece 502 Spoilers

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    scanned page 1: Cover story "Shopping and taking smoke break"

    Translation from scans:

    page 2:
    Charlos: Mufu-n... We're finally here.
    It's still going, but it's almost over.
    Disco: Let's see what's next!!
    Charlos: It's because you're so slow! This one pisses me off!!
    Charlos kicks the slave he rides
    Charlos: Hey, go sell this guy off while we're here. I don't need him anymore!
    henchman: I'll get right on it!

    page 3:
    Disco: And there's many use for him.... and....
    Lady: Kyaaaaa!!!
    Crowd: Whoa, what's going on with him....!
    Blood spouts out from the pirate's mouth.
    Disco: This bastard.... it can't be....!
    Crowd: He fell!!

    Page 4:
    Sanji: He bit his tongue...
    He chose to end his life here, rather than live a miserable life as a slave.
    In some cases, that may be a wise thing to do.
    Chopper: Camie must be scared...
    Nami: Hang in there for a little longer, we're going to buy her out!!
    I'm glad we have the money from Thriller Bark.
    Disco: This idiot, now we can't sell him!!
    Hey, get the mermaid ready quickly!!

    Page 5:
    Disco: Camie the mermaid from the fishman island!
    Crowd: Whoa!!!! A real one! young mermaid!!
    Hachi: It's Camie! Camie's turn!!
    Nami: Alright, let's buy her out!!
    Camie: Oh!! It's Hacchan!
    Charlos: Yes!! Mermaid, they're selling a mermaid!!

    Page 6:
    Charlos: FIVE HUNDRED MILLION BERRY!!! I'll buy with 500 million berry!!!
    Nami: .....!!!! What....

    Page 7:
    Luffy: What the hell, why don't you drive better!!
    Rider: How the hell can I! It's a Flying fish for god's sake, you're the one that told me to crash in!!
    Zoro: You told me to just hop on, but... why are we in such a hurry to get back to Sunny? (notices Chopper and others) Oh, you guys...
    Chopper: Zoro is here too!!?
    Kid: Isn't that.... "Strawhat" Luffy...?
    Crowd: What is going on, who the hell are those guys!?
    Luffy: Ah!! Camie!!
    Camie: Luffy-chin....

    Page 8:
    Crowd 1: Why is there a fishman on land!!
    Crowd 2: Gross... look at the color of his skin!! And the number of his limbs!!!
    Crowd 3: Terrifying! The very existence of him here is terrifying!! Don't come near me!!
    Crowd 4: Go back to the ocean you freak!!!
    Sanji: What's going on here....
    Pappag: Hachi, let's get out of here! You're the on in danger now!
    Hachi: I'm ok, but Camie...
    Nami: It's just like Robin said... On this island, fishmen and mermaids are treated with prejudice.
    Chopper: What, Camie is? And Hachi too?

    Page 9:
    Charlos: Mufufu-n! Mufu, Mufu-n!!
    I hit him! I've killed the fishman!!
    Nami: Hachi!!!
    Crowd 1: I'm glad he's been shot. It'd be terrible if he was to get close and give us some desease or something
    Crowd 2: I'm sure he was up to something, their brain's that of a fish after all.
    Camie, speechless, is banging on the walls of her fishbowl

    Page 10:
    Hachi: (screenshot cut off) I'm sorry I'm so clumsy....
    I've done nothing but give you trouble strawhat, I'm sorry.....
    Charlos: Damn fish!! I shot him and he's still talking, pissing me off!!!
    Pappag: Don't do it straw!! You guys will be in danger too if you do it....!
    Crowd: What is he doing....!!
    Kid: Is he serious!?
    Charlos: You piss me off---!! (BANG! BANG!)

    2 page spread of Luffy punching Charlos.

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    Så glöm allt för kung är min riktiga titel.

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    One Piece 502 Spoilers Discussion

    Discuss here the spoilers of the upcoming chapter posted in the Spoilers thread.

    No spoilers outside this thread
    Posting spoilers outside the spoiler threads will result in account infractions, there are people who do not wish to get spoiled. Please respect that!

    (if i'm not suppose to post here delete it)

    my theory of luffy hitting a tenryuubito then having the man in the shadow be kizaru the yellow monkey(gold axe) might come true xD

    another great chapter where oda makes me go crazy waiting for next week >_>
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    i think luffy would lost his mind
    and attack who shot papag!!!

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    One Piece 502 Spoilers Discussion

    Yes...about time Luffy went in and kicked some ass...

    And yes I left it, but only coz its a first time in my time I be deleting and infractioning.
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    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    i'm a bit disappointed on this chapter. way too predictable..Even a guy who double post , dont know the use of Edit button , spoil inside the wrong thread and comment on the Spoilers thread..even if it is wrote in Red to don't do it have been guessing right :p .

    the question now is how every rookie gonna react .

    Ps : Archiel , you're too good . i would have erased him lol

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    lol luffy is gona murder all of themis even in super mode lawl

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