View Poll Results: which is the best Kekkai genkai

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  • Sharingan

    39 67.24%
  • Byakugan

    9 15.52%
  • Shikotsumyaku (Kimimaro Bones)

    8 13.79%
  • Haku Ice blodline

    2 3.45%
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Thread: Kekkai genkai

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    ^ Might have cause a bit of confusion with my above post, but the idea that Itachi is blind has become quite popular over the years due to the fact that the idea of seeing one of the most powerful characters in the manga leaping into battle behind a guide dog whilst wearing tinted glasses is hard to not laugh at.

    And yes, there is a blind Itachi fanclub supporting this idea.

    ["You lost because you are weak." whispered Sasuke to the barely conscious for of his elder brother, "Why are you weak? Because you lack...." He kicked Itachi's slim white stick out of his limp fingers, "... eyesight."]
    -Quote from a fanfic.
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    Hm, I think Sharingan wins hands down.

    There's really no question to it... Illusions? Copying and learning enemy Jutsus? Predict enemy movement? See Chakra? Coolness? and what about the famous line: "In front of these eyes, all your Jutsus are ineffective"?

    i pick byakugan for one because if your chakra points are hit you can't use any jutsu even the sharingan or mangekyou sharingan for that matter it renders the sharinga useless, so i will say byakugan is mor powerfull in that department, sharinga also have some advantages too
    With Sharingan you can predict what the Byakugan user is going to do and so you can avoid it
    Heh Sharingan owns

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    sharingan cause u can copy and learn most jutsus

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    With sharingan you would be pretty much unbeatable with your power to predict what your opponent is going to do and also copy he's jutsu and use it against them. +1 vote to sharingan.
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    Sharingan, I mean you can learn all sorts of jutsus crazy fast and at the small price of killing your best friend you get the mangekyou

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