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    Unhappy can't open upgraded site of

    before the upgrade, everything was fine and normal...

    but after the site upgrade thing... first i was able to open the site though i can't see the releases, everything was blank on the columns... but when i point the mouse somewhere.. the links of the manga name, scanlatator, dl link can be clicked but still not visible...

    then after a few minutes.. when i try to open the "" ... my explorer just suddenly closes... even the other internet explorer windows closes along with it... (only happens whenever i try to open the mangashare site)
    the forum and any other sites were fine though

    need help.. info or suggestions on how i can browse and download from again... thanks

    plus i don't know if there is any links on the releases here on the forums

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    We're aware of the release display issues with IE 6 and lower, and cookie issues which hampers the ability to stay logged in. These will be fixed as soon as possible.

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