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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeperu View Post
    I did. Basically taught myself to drive. Even bluffed myself out of being arrested :3.
    I'm curious as to how you did this. :3

    I have a question... how do you, for those of you who have, obtain a license without going through education for it and not get arrested? I don't know everything about this.. actually next to nothing, but I could've saved a lot of money if I knew. =\

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    When I was 13 my bus driver (a family friend) took me to my (soon to be) high school's parking lot and taught me how to drive. We did that in the summer for 2 years. Then she moved. It was funny cause she always brought her baby with her and I was so afraid that I was gonna crash into a pole and kill us all. Plus it was a stick so it was a little bit harder to drive. (Adding to the scariness) Otherwise I did a great job. (Or so she said) But sadly I still don't have a license yet. T_T It costs too much to get the mandatory lessons plus the insurance.

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    2 fags here asked how I bluffed my way out.

    Well, I did not have ID on me, so I had a chat with the cops (regular control) and he was like "Well, you did not do anything wrong (lol!) and your insurance checks out (lol) so off you go."

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    Dont call me a fag or I'll be calling you plenty of names also schmuck

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    Don't know... I think I'm lost.
    Yes, but it was mitigating circumstances becouse I was drunk.
    I intend to forget things when I'm drunk. That time I forgot my wallet, but thanks to god there was no policeman on the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolverine View Post
    Dont call me a fag or I'll be calling you plenty of names also schmuck
    lol, the wolve is angry (but it was not nice of xeperu to call you a fag....)

    the first time i did drive was about 6 months ago. It was in my hometown (small town with no police at all). It really wasnt a long ride but it sure was fun.

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    I drove when was around 7 a few times and as I got older I found it to be pretty easy. I only drove where my mother knew there weren't any cops. Oh and I sat in her lap and took the steering wheel. It really helped since I'm getting my license soon.
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