Recoded everything around a powerful framework. This has made our site far more extensible so that we can develop on it easier and more efficiently. Yay!

*NEW* Favorite Series:
By marking a series as your favorite, you will be able to unlock a variety of features described in some sections below

RSS Feeds:
- Added custom RSS feeds - only get updated on series that you have marked as your favorite! You can share your feed url with friends and you don't need to be logged into MS to get updated.
- Removed International scanlations from the RSS feeds

Release Tracker:
- Reworked the sorting method; Releases are now grouped by date and ranked by download popularity
- Added the "Legacy" sorting method, which will sort releases the same way MSv3 did
- Added the "Favorite" sorting method, which will only display releases from your favorite series
- New releases will always appear on the top of their date groups for 4 hours (reduced from 6)
- Added a divider in between release date groups
- Popular releases are now bold instead of prefixed with a flame icon
- A popular release is now determined by 500 downloads (reduced from 2500)
- Increased the amount of releases displayed on the homepage to 40

Release Page:
(For Scanlators):
- Moved the release editing options into a tab at the top
- Added the ability to edit release notes

(For All Registered Users):
- Improved the comment posting system
- Added pagination for comments rather than truncating at 15 comments and displaying the full comments on another page

Group Page:
- Added "Group Status", this displays an Active/Inactive status based on when they last released
- Added a total release count
- Improved the code for links to their website/irc. This will no longer bug when a group is submitted improperly (ie: without the http:// or without the hash on the channel)
- Added pagination for releases

Series Page:
- Restored the series voting feature. Now votes are unique to your member ID rather than your IP, this will provide more controlled ratings.
- Added "Related Series", this feature reads all the favorite lists and tries to find the best recommendations
- Added "Similar Forum Threads", this feature tries to find related threads on our forum that matches the series
- Added links to up to 5 recent Online Reader uploads if the series is listed on our reader.
- Now sorting releases in 2 categories; serial and special. For example, Fairy Tail 50 would go under the serial but the Fairy Tail School Omake would go under the specials. This allows us to provide a more convenient display for you instead of just sorting by date.

Release Submission:
- RapidShare has been disabled as a submission option based on user feedback
- Various improvements on the form to validate the data better
- Added the "Archive" feature. This allows anyone to submit an older releases to fill gaps

Series Directory:
- Completed the series directory and added various features to it. You can sort the series by genre.

- Upgraded vBulletin from 3.6.8 to 3.7.1, this fixes security holes and adds a variety of new useless features we probably won't even use throughout the forum