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    Class of 2009 Shirt Design

    I'm trying to make a shirt for next year since I'm gonna be a senior in my school. It's always been tradition to have a contest and print out the better shirt. So I need some C&C on my design.


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    Hey, fellow junior-to-be-senior! ;o

    - Better font for the text at the bottom
    - The font for "Class of" doesn't really seem to fit with your school name; try to use something that looks a bit more similar, not necessarily the same font
    - Not really feeling the font for the 09 at the top
    - Is the shirt supposed to have red fabric, or do you plan on using all that red background? Its going to cost a lot to make and won't look very good if you do plan on doing that. Wait, scratch this last one, the image was so big I didn't see the other stuff around it.

    If you're going to go for a graffiti-ish font, try to look for a font that will go with it. Overall, I like it, I just don't like the font. I hope my class shirt doesn't suck. D:
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    Just graduated, like today. Have to say that I didn't like my class shirt design. This ones seems pretty good though

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    I'm not a big fan of ghetto graphics, So to say the least I would not wear it. From a designers point of view, it's decent. I would make it a bit cleaner. The black blob would be good if it is 360 degrees around the shirt. Stopping it on the edges looks silly.

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