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    my first clean and typeset.

    Hey all, I'm new to these forums but here's my first clean/typeset for you all to critique. I don't know what manga it's from as I got it off of a website for cleaning and etc. I had to rotate, crop, manually do the whites, and some cloning with minimal redrawing. Theres an obvious part that I really messed up on with the cloning but other than it I think I did pretty well. I especially wanna know how I did with the text.

    (seems like photobucket resized my clean a little bit and messed up some of the quality -_-)


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    well, I think its very good for your first time, you picked out one with a shit load of grays and managed to not destroy them, some of your blacks arent completly black, but you tend to notice that more as you go, I just started cleaning to so my opinion my not be as valuable as some of the senpais here but keep it up... PS. Photobucket bad for hosting your cleans ^^b

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    white part isn't white. you can see dusts here and there. =p
    also, redrawing in the bubble at top...a bit blurry somewhat
    but TS is nice. the texts fit the bubbles well.
    over all well done! ^^

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