If you would like to share your work here, we ask that you maintain consistency with other thread titles so that it's easy for anyone to browse and find what they're looking for.

The ideal format is:

Series Chapter by Group

For Example:
Naruto 300 by Someguy

If you do not want your script used by scanlators, clearly state it at the top of the post.

We encourage you to post your script in a format that's easily readable. Making a new line when it's a new bubble and marking the pages is common practice.

For Example (Naruto 362 by Hisshouburaiken):

Page 13:
Dei: Behold...my masterpiece!

SFX: Crick crick crick
Dei: Self Destruction!

Sasuke: He's insane...

Dei: Death will transform me into a work of art!
An explosion unlike any of the others...
one that will leave scars in the earth like nothing else...

A creation worthy of praise unlike anything before it!

Sorry, Tobi...