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  • God Enel knows no foe, he wins handsdown

    54 43.20%
  • Blackbeard turns Enel into a battery

    59 47.20%
  • Both guys die or run away(Tie)

    12 9.60%
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    ace attacks arent as lethal as enels while enel can do a 200 mill bolt and end the fight right there while ace has to try and damage him with fire till the other guy gets tired

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    Gave BB my vote as well. I get the feeling (from his fight with Ace) that he's resilient on a completely different level from what we've seen (one of the reasons being how Oda is pushing for him as the main antagonist). And he's taking the punishment from Ace very well.

    Also, I'm banking lots of money that his gravity powers can suck up less than solid objects as well or work to shield him etc. Can't see how he's gonna live through the fight on Banaro Island otherwise.

    All just good speculation though...

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    If Teach manages to grab Enel (and it's kinda easy with his gravity power), the "god" is just dead. Enel may have some chances only if he manages to stay away and shock him from distance. Enel also has mantra and may be able to teleport away just before Teach begins to suck everything in.

    I suppose Blackbeard would win, but not before taking some serious damage from Enel. In fact Enel's strength depends too much on his fruit power, and Blackbeard can remove that power just by touching him.

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    Up to this point in the series, we have seen enels full capabilities in the Luffy Vs Enel fight. Blackbeard on the other hand is still kind of a misterious character. It is described that he has the most powerful devil fruit ability on the planet, and to date, I doubt we have seen his full potential. Due to the fact that we dont know his true powers, i think black beard would own him.

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    with those ears Enel is more of a donkey than a "god" + he's not important nor his so-so arc

    i say blackbeard for sure

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