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    (maybe I'm blind or are just plain ignorant...but it seems like a legitimate topic to me. Hey its meant for us to all learn things about each other right?)

    1. I procrastinate too much for my own good
    2. I shall cosplay as Tobi for AnimeNeXt
    3. I am stuck in a love triangle that I can seriously do without
    4. I walk barefoot whenever I am home
    5. I sleep for about 5 hours a day

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    ok here we go
    1. I was addicted to drugs nd had to go to rehab
    2. I like cereal without milk
    3. I once called my girlfriend her bestfriends name
    4. I used to think Digimon were scary
    5. I still sleep with my baby blanket

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    Quote Originally Posted by jio999 View Post
    ok here we go
    1. I was addicted to drugs nd had to go to rehab
    And by drugs you mean, anime or manga right?


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    1. I make no effort to hide my otaku-ness from my friends. (Although they constantly berate me for it in various ways.)
    2. I hope to get good at art so I can become a game character designer or preferably a mangaka.
    3. I haven't gone to the theaters to see a movie in 3 years.
    4. I want to cosplay at my town's upcoming anime convention but have no means of getting a costume.
    5. I am very very close to failing Spanish and/or Algebra.
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    Draciel's more hardcore than you, I bet he's out killing people now, while cosplaying nude Kyon.
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    1: I'm a fashion freak
    2: I'm a genius or say my friends
    3: I'm emotionally retarded (I sabotage every relationship that I'm in)
    4: I'm from north Africa (my parents are but i was born in england)
    5: I love studying law

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    Blackbeards Crew apparently
    1. I like to eat cheese, tomato, mayonaise and salt on my bread.
    2. I suck at sports.
    3. I drink a lot of beer.
    4. I'm doing the highest level at school, however I never make homework or study.
    5. I spend far to much time behind my pc.

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    Mines are not so weird or interesting, but...

    1. I read manga/books and watch anime/series/movies to evade myself.
    2. Travelling around the world is the thing I want/love the most in my life.
    3. I hope I'll be allowed to study Aeronautics next year.
    4. I've never smoked (instead, I drink too much).
    5. I love another girl more than my girlfriend.

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    1. I hate reality and do everything i can to escape it (anime, games, manga ect..).
    2. I only leave my house once every 2 weeks, unless i want to go buy a game.
    3. I smoke like a chimney.
    4. I love hentai.
    5. I hate my country more than I've ever hated anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damnz View Post
    2. Travelling around the world is the thing I want/love the most in my life.
    Backpacking, I will do that one day, I swear. Just need someone to come with me..

    Here we go:
    1. I am a total paradox beyond any sense of reasoning.
    2. I'm a chocolate addict, but I hate chocolate ice cream.
    3. I read books and listen to music which have the weirdest arrangements of the English language.
    4. I love languages, and intending to take up more. (I know three at the moment.)
    5. I care more for my online friends than the ones around me. Sigh.

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    1) I lived in Ghana for 9 years and learnt how to cuss in two different langauges but thats it.

    2) I took a summer job in 2000 and am still there after 8 years :(

    3) I was at White Hart Lane 4 years ago when Tottenham dropped a 3 goal lead against 10 man Manchester City. I missed Tottenhams first goal because my friend pulled my woolly hat down over my eyes.

    4) I once failed to read the terms and conditions on an offer from Ryanair. For £100 I got a flight to Frankfurt and 2 nights accommodation at a 3 star hotel. The catch? Ryanair landed in Hahn, 2 hours by road from Frankfurt. On the Sunday morning we had to leave the adult entertainment area and head straight for the airport to make it in time for our return flight.

    5) Due to a groping incident, I don't accept lifts from strange women before sunrise.

    oh, and Xeperu is being economical with the truth
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    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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