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    1) I don't want to grow up

    2) I speak 5 languages and do hope to learn more (English, French, Spanish and Chinese(Mandarin and Cantonese))

    3) My favorite color is green and my favorite number is 4.

    4) I get influenced and influence others easily.

    5) My skin is allergic to the sun's UV rays -_-
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    1. I play bass, guitar, violin, and piano.
    2. I hardcore dance in inappropriate places.
    3. I'm hopelessly romantic, but perpetually the "best friend".
    4. My best friend jokes with me about my otaku-ness.

    Friend: Me and so and so are going to the beach. Wanna go?
    Me: I don't know...
    F: I'll take you to Borders. More manga then you can shake a dick at.

    He once bought $50 worth of used manga on amazon (about 30-35 books) and dumped it on me while we were at school. He gave me all of the volumes afterwards, which I resold on amazon.

    5. I once killed a fox barehanded

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    1. I'm a father at the age of 20.
    2. I've always had a feeling that there is always more.
    3. I once scaled a mountain/hill while dear hunting only to take aim and roll right back down lol.
    4. Don't do too well keeping in touch with friends.
    5. I fear not being able to watch my son grow up which leads me to be on the safer side after his birth.

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    Here goes:

    1. I used to hate rock and heart rap, now i hate rap and heart rock.
    2. I hate any type of gay men. Including Biodegradable. Its just nasty.
    3. I used to skip high and go to hookies to drink and smoke, mostly drink i hate smoking.
    4. I'm 5'11, 170 pounds xD
    5. I hate people that go off topic! And hanging out by myself with Chubby or ugly girls.

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    the hate facts!

    1. Im dutch
    2. I hate being Dutch
    3. i think the netherlands should go fuck them selves
    4. i was once a narutard
    5. I hate narutards

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    I hate everything and everyone.
    I was once on anti-depressents and am still seeing a therapist every month.
    I use the terminal in linux for fun.
    Unless I can overcome my procrastination I'm going to fail university.
    If I shaved I would be a delicious trap.

    Thanks to Ravona for sig.

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    5 new facts
    I fell in love with soul eater
    I fell outa love with my gf :/
    I am obsessed with DUkes monkeys
    I'm so afraid of commitment I hurt others so I can feel good :/
    My dream of being a comedian is being put into action tomorrow

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    i have a crazy obsession with hats
    i have the need to own all capcom games
    i hang out in abandoned buildings
    im into music sampling
    i stayed in germany for a year
    Lurkin' since day one!

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    1. I'm not the age most of you think I am (this one should spark some interesting replies..)
    2. If it wasn't obvious, I want to become a doctor.
    3. I'm Asian (apparently this one was more of a mystery than I thought)
    4. I suck hard at remembering people & names
    5. I'm apathetic towards most things.


    Ever wonder why one of your particularly bad posts has been deleted? Feel free to contact me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asce View Post
    (read above post)
    at #1 and #3. Ah well people always guess my age to be 2-4 years older than what I really am, gets annoying actually. :/ Remember my name!! >:3

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