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    Quote Originally Posted by aaaarrrggh View Post
    Err all my post wasn't for you.. just re-read my reply, the only sentence referring to you was "what are you talking about?".. well, nevermind Oo
    Ok i see what you mean now what I meant was they have had a treasure on there boat only a few times its 2 or 3 by my account and each time they do they need to spend it in the very next arc. Besides this arc though the only example i can remember is Water 7, but i thought there was a 3rd example unfortunately I cannot remember.
    I have another question for you fans of what they are calling 9 v. 9 what do you the crews of the supernovas will be doing this time just sitting back and watching. Besides it would be odd that no one on a crew of pirates that made this far can even fight besides 1 or even 2 of them. Heck with bounties the way they are you can assume they have caused some trouble and thus probably defeated there share of Marines or other Crews. Granted Kidd kills civilians so thats why hes considered dangerous but the same cannot be said for the others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loud17 View Post
    A dead give away?? are you sure your an avid fan of OP?? Oda does not give dead give aways FYI. dont be ridiculous Law is obviously Zoro's match in case you didnt know Law is carrying a sword. And Zoro thirst for a fight with swordsmen more than anyone.
    Im to excited about the up and coming events in the OP wotld...
    Anyway.. heres my interpretation of the spoiler.. A guess actualy. The following chapters may be made to show the dominating potential of the SHs in order for them to be fit in the new world.

    I think Luffy will not fight Kid. I think Sanji will be the one to kick his ass.. Imagine a cook beating a 315,000,000 belli captain that would be a hell of a display of power for the SH crew.
    i agree, kid seems like a guy who gets cocky and underestimates people he thinks is weaker then him. if he were to fight sanji he'd definetly think going in ,"kekeke easy kill" since sanji isn't a supernova(even though he is strength-wise) , especially since his own crew saw diable jambe vs. the fight with oz,even though he used it in enies, so no one would know about it

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