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    If you see ichigos form is lizard like so his mask really doesnt need anything really anything on it isnt that plane but its definitely less imaginative

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    I'm pretty sure what Kensei turned into is his full hollow form. Those "poles" aren't just random poles, they're part of the how Ichigo's full hollow had a tail. I didn't get a good look at Mashiro though.

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    Mashiro looked kinda buggish, or her mask at least

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    Mashiro seems to be pretty turned, I think she just has her robe thing on the upper body to avoid flashing... Hiyori just seems to have her mask, though I think we'll see more of it this week.

    I really don't like Aizen and Tousen. Gin gets away with his being a bastard because he's so funny while doing it!

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    now that the new chapters are out i dont think ichigo have the same powers similar mayb but different. i think that cause when i see kensei's full hollow form he doesnt have a hole in his chest so they might not have been completely hollowized but just given little bits of the power of a hollow like the mask

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    @kiwikidoo lol!!

    my thoughts exactilly on gin. it's the smile that gets me...
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