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  • Alvida

    7 11.67%
  • Cabaji

    1 1.67%
  • Chuu

    2 3.33%
  • Gatherine

    11 18.33%
  • Kokoro

    13 21.67%
  • Kumadori

    1 1.67%
  • Lola

    7 11.67%
  • Miss Merry Christmas

    11 18.33%
  • Miss Monday

    3 5.00%
  • Mr Blon Clay

    4 6.67%
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  1. #11
    And also that Neko that was in the Puffing Tom (does he know what dressing means?).

    I really hated that ramen fighter, I couldn't stand him. Really bothered me those chapters.

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    Is it just me, or is the younger version of Kokoro during the flashback even uglier than her older version?

  3. #13
    I declare a tie between Kokoro and Miss Merry Christmas.

  4. #14
    Gatherin ftw

    Maybe Oda was thinking about some girl he really hated when drawing that poor waitress xD.

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    For some reason I can't remember Gatherine. Was she anime only?(I'm not much of an anime watcher)

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    If my memory is still fresh, I think it's in one of Lucci-Jabura discussions, and then someway the name Gatherine appear and Jabura starts feeling sad or something...

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    I'm so tired. Sleepybones's Avatar
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    Allot of ugly looking people in One Piece.

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    Sigh Alvida now is so gorgeous and can make Sanji cry, so she's isn't the ugliest character today :p

    Lola is extremely ugly, even uglier than zombie in Resident Evil, but i prefer someone outside the poll character: Blackbeard....

    Why? Because he is evil, his laugh make me sick, he look very messy, and he defeat Ace (is he?) my 2nd favourite character....

  9. #19
    lola, shes a zombie cow that most likely smells of roting flesh, i wouldent hit that with a brick.

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    Queen Most
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    That guy with the lips that chased Usopp in the Arlong arc is ugliest.

    Cept I dunno his name - So Kokoro baa-san it is.

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