Sharing the posts that I got up on my graphics/multimedia blog on The link to it is obviously on my sig.

Last night I did a bunch of awesome out of the RahXephon scans that I have found so far (Volume 1, missions 1-3). Also, one Elfen Lied manga icons and some Red Garden anime icons can be found here: ICONS! Nom nom nom nom... - 5] Huuuuuge Anime/Manga Batch!!!

18 Red Garden anime ones: ICONS! Nom nom nom nom... - 4] Red Garden Batch

I also do video game stuff too. My Women of Resident Evil post for a first entry (most of them very old but still awesome): ICONS! Nom nom nom nom... - 1] First Post! The Women of Resident Evil

The programs I use are Microsoft Picture It! 10 and Photofiltre.