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    Quote Originally Posted by sabret00the View Post
    oh and last but not least, i'd like to see improved release page moderation, at the moment i'm finding ddl links that aren't quite that and i'd like to also see the reinstement of the rule which forced at least one alternative link.
    Yeah I can agree with this, it's a big pet peeve of mine too when I click a DDL and get a rapid share... I hate rapid share...

    Perhaps you should just have a dynamic "add another link" button and the backend can sort what type of link it is based on criteria. (i.e. check to see if the path ends in ".torrent" for torrent files, check the domain name to find out if it's a file hosting site like rapid share, or media fire) and if it really need to be sorted manually, i.e. it's a torrent, but the link looks like allow/force the user to pick then

    let me know if that doesn't make any sense... I can see it perfectly in my head
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