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    Anyone a Shadow of the Colossus fan? If so, you might like this; it's the Play! symphony playing "Epilogue ~ Those Who Remain":

    This is one of the funniest videos I have ever watched, seriously. Basically, contestants have to try to pass through the hole in the moving wall.
    I love the Japanese. XD

    I love Rude Goldberg devices for some reason, so I had a blast watching this. It's compiled from different episodes of a Japanese children's show, though, so the repetitive "Pitagora Sui~chi" might get a bit annoying after a while. XD

    The ultimate Final Fantasy parody, probably. Every fan should watch this.

    Hopefully some Animaniacs fans here. Either way, this video sealed my utter respect and adoration of this man.

    Yeah, that's enough videos for now.

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    All glory to Haruhi! The one and true God!

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    Lol, soundwave is so cool, wish he was in the new movie though and it was cool how tey had the original movie theme song 'Touch'.

    This is abother good transformers clip, about when Optimus was reawoken sometime after the events in the movie

    Im sure most of you guys should be aware of the Robot Chicken Series, and eres a awesome clip I stumbled upon where they mix Robot Chicken with the movie 300, enjoy.

    For anyone who has ever seen Shaun of The Dead this music video is a must see, or at least something which is recommended.
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    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    Really funny video, it contains flaws, but they are somewhat intentional and only add to the amusement.

    Interesting captive makes his escape. Kinda lame, but has a cool ending.

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