Apart from the fact that Obito somehow "slipped through" the rocks there was nothing weird for me in this chapter. In fact, its one of the better flashbacks and I bet it wont end even next week.

The most interesting part of this chapter was for me Madara. His speech about winners and loosers, about love and all that, it seemed like he really knew what he was talking about. Until now I saw him as this over-powered shinobi with heaps of confidence and greedy attitude. Seeing him in this chapter changed my previous image of Madara. Its almost as if he was the victim rather then the evil mastermind. Could it be that under that impenetrable armor he was just a big softy and romantic that was heart-broen by the sad reality of the world ?

Obito acted like I anticipated, bit foolish but still heavily concened about his friends above all else. This just makes me even more interested in seeing how he becomes Tobi. For now I can only speculate that the reason he did not return to Konoha for so long was bcs he simply couldnt. Rehablitation of his body seems like the most likely reason behind that. This would also explain why he said "do you have any idea how long I have waited for this ?'. His growth in strenght can be explained through not just Hashirama body, but also his awakened Mangekyo and Madaras training. Although, the reason why would he want to destroy Konoha is still unclear ..

The way I see Rins death is like this .. obviously Kakashi is not the sort of person to forget his promise and code. Im pretty sure he would protect Rin from any danger even if it would cost him his life. The only explanation for Rin to die then is for me that she herself sacrificed her life. Obito loved Rin, but Rin loved Kakashi and I think she wouldnt stand the fact of him dying to protect her. I think there was sme situation in which Kakashi and Rin were in danger, Kakashi was prepared to give his life to save Rins, but Rin just had to be a bitch and went all emo on Kakashi that she doesnt deserve that bla bla and in the end she sacrifices herself to instead save Kakashi. Obito did say something like "because you LET Rin die" instead of "because you couldnt protect Rin" as if Kakashi "decided to" and not "was unable to". The sad reality for Obito would be that despite his effortts and care for Rin, she still loved someone else and decided to give her life to that person.