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    Quote Originally Posted by Rlinfamous View Post

    It's stupid/sloppy writing that Obito "slipped through" the rocks and just happened to fall into Madara's underground lair.
    I'm sure a lot of fans will be upset about these absurd coincidences; I'm honestly pretty disappointed in the lack of inspiration here. How did Obito miraculously awaken his Mangekyou, which just happens to give him a Phasing type power, in the knick of time to save himself from being (totally) crushed? I'm guessing, seeing as he didn't know how to use his power, he simply slipped through the ground to Madara's tunnel (which didn't cave in despite a large-scale Earth Element technique being used, seems odd).

    I'd be relieved if Kishi addressed at least the convenient location by later revealing that Madara was behind Rin's kidnapping (for the purpose of leading Obito to that location, if Kishi can find a way for that to make sense). Kids conveniently awaken hidden powers all the time in shounen manga, but Kishi really can't expect us to believe his Main Villain was actually living directly under the exact place Obito was crushed... that's just bad writing. However, Madara DID know that Obito's sacrifice saved Kakashi/Rin, so it's likely Madara had more to do with Obito's present circumstances than he's letting on.
    For all we know. It could've been Zetsu that brought him to Madara. My thought is he merely survived with the help from his ability. Even though it is stated, that to achieve Mangekyo Sharingan, someone must kill their best friend. Perhaps this was just made up? To me it seems, Mangekyo is a link between brothers. Madara had Izuna. Itachi had Sasuke. And who could've been Obitos brother? Shisui?

    All confirmed to have awoken the Mangekyo.
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