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    O i'm also in shock right now!!! OMG .. itachi had a girlfriend!!! kawaii!!!

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    I was thinking its funny it mentioned Itachi's lover never said it was a girl >.> what if it was Shisui gaysharingan!

    This chapter kinda is just a waste of time by the sound of it. We are just rehashing what we already discussed in the last chapter. I was hoping to learn something new or go to Naruto's group or Kisame fight sigh guess another weeks wait.

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    This chapter looks like it is going to be primarily a compilation of scenes we have already seen. Flashbacks and minor explanations of things that have already been implied, kind of a waste, I was really hoping we would get more of an insight into Madara and Itachi's meeting and what really happened during the massacre.

    On the issue of Itachi's supposed lover, I think it is a bit of a ridiculous concept, not only because of his age at the time but also because of his extreme level of responsibility. Sasuke himself said that Itachi never had time to train with him and his father said that Itachi was someone who didn't associate himself closely with people. All that and we are now suppose to believe Itachi had a lover? It doesn't fit with the circumstances or what we have been told about the issues in Itachi's life at all. Also, these spoilers seem to infer that Itachi's reason for keeping Sasuke alive was more out of personal affection than it was a higher purpose. To me that just doesn't add up, it looks to me like Kishimoto is using these points to humanize Itachi, however, I think he is overdoing it.

    The part about Itachi having a disease also seems like a rather weak plot device. Kishimoto already used that to kill off Kimimaro, seeing the same plot device used in a nearly identical way just seems contrived and uninspired. Until now I was really liking the explanation for why everything went down the way it did, but it seems that yet again the story is starting to veer into poorly thought out concussions and bland story telling. I was willing to forgive the sloth like progress and poor art of the past few chapters because I had hopes that it was all setting the ground work for a compelling explanation of what really happened. To me this chapter sounds more like something out of a fan fiction.

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    Its pretty obvious that Mandra is trying to make Itachi Sasuke's Closest person so he can get the Mangekyo Sharingan...

    im like 99% sure of this. what you guys think?

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