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    Your thought, please...

    I'll just cut to the point. I've been trying to scanlate these few days, and I chose Fairy Tail chapter 86. I'm not releasing it though, since there are few scanlations of it with great quality already. That, and I think my skills are still lacking. Here's a peek:

    Page 02:

    Page 03:
    - I'm using CarlosNet's translation...

    So, what do you think? I need your suggestions. Also I'd like to do something with those greys. Would anyone share with me how to make 'em look neat? Thanks!
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    Well Ebon, it looks great

    Now If you would accept, I will try and recruit you to my Scan Group the J.A.C .

    We are currently working on Endless Eden, Double Art and our Main Release Tegami.

    Plus we are willing to work on series that you would like to do.

    If you are interested you can send me a PM, join me on the IRC at #JACGroup @ or just post your reply here. Whichever you prefer.

    Mister Death
    Current Leader of The J.A.C.

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