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    How do you think this arc will play out?

    Well I was wondering what you guys think will happen in this arc as a whole.

    Instead of just predictions for the next chapter, how bout a prediction for the whole saga?

    Also for those interested i started a fanfic/RPing thing in the fanworks forum of this board. for those interested in putting in their 2 cents of how they imagine things will turn out in Naruto.

    Personally I dont think Sasuke will return to the Leaf ever again. And I dont think he will be able to kill Itachi either. It would totally destroy his character if he manages to kill Itachi at this point (and for those that dont know the creator did mention that Sasuke was his favorite character) so either Itachi will escape from a fight against Sasuke AND Naruto or Sasuke will find a greater goal.

    Naruto will also be caught and "killed" by Akatsuki or he'll have his kyuubi pulled out of him by some means. Same as with Gaara. Akatsuki has a certain purpose for their capturing the jinchuriikens or whatever the heck it's called. So I think eventually they'll be able to complete it and "worst will come to worst" and so Hebi and Konoha will have to temporarily ally together.

    also Sakura will have quite a fit over Sasuke's new "girlfriend" and forget all about Naruto again. Naruto will find solace in Hinata.

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    I think Sasuke and Naruto will face Itachi oneday... Together they fight but they all get killed by Itachi and end of story..

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    I've always thought Naruto will come in as Sasuke is getting defeated by Itachi, Naruto gets mad, fights, goes 5....6....7....8....9 tails, and the Kyubi will be released in full, causing mass death and destruction.
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    I'm willing to bet that naruto get caught by the AL. Sasuke returns to the leaf/rescues naruto
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    I would like to see Akatsuki succeed lol. In my opinion is the best criminal organization ever created (although is nothing compared to "The Godhand" but the are Godly beins ;p). I do not think Sasuke is near Itachi's lvl yet. I think it will come down to Sasuke failing to kill Itachi ones more, he being devasted for his weakness and Naruto coming for support and so Sasuke becomes all sentimental and returns with them. Naruto of course swear to help him killed Itachi. I do agree that Kyuubi will be released but not by Akatsuki but by him letting the seal open. This will kill Nauto but he will be brought back in some way.
    As for Akatsuki they noticed that because of there recent massive activity their numbers are reduced, they will regroup, re-enlist and continue their plans. I really have no idea how any country would be able to stop Akatsuki.
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    i think that sasuke will get killed, maybe by itachi and the kyubii will burst out of naruto. I hope that Akatsuki at least get their hands on Naruto and begin the kyubii sealing ritual, it would be intense, perhpas the statue would crumble.

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    The idea of Kyuubi coming out or something in Naruto vs Sasuke/Itachi fight probably won't work since the sharingan can suppress it. Naruto has also changed, now he uses his own strength in battle, maybe with some little use of kyuubi chakra (without going into tail forms though) as seen from his fight against Kakuzu.

    As for my prediction, everyone will die.


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    I think we will find out the answer to "Just how bad have your eyes gotten Itachi?".

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    I would find it interesting if Sasuke gets to battle with Itachi while Suigetsu battles with Kisame. Sasuke and Suigetsu win and in doing so the Akatsuki Leader then informs them of their goal and asks all of Sasukes team to join which they then do because they are currently searching for 2 members. To replace Hidan and his partner (Forgot his name >/ ) would be Karin(To search for other tailed beasts) and Juogo(Think i messed up the spelling on his name :*( ). While Sasuke and Suigetsu replace Itachi and Kisame. Then a final Sasuke vs Naruto fight. Although Sasuke vs Naruto would not be the happy ending of Sasuke and Naruto reclaiming their "friendship".

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    cant sasuke just die...its like he is the main character in < die hard >..i am getting sick of that shit eye...

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