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    manga editing =)

    I love reading manga
    (I wish I have more time for more series >.<)
    I try to edit some manga pages =D

    here are few pages I did a while ago...

    if you are interested in raw pages...n_n

    now you can criticize hell out of it ;D
    tips and feedback are appreciate ^__^

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    General note, your line spacing is WAY too big. It's annoying to read. I don't like your fonts, it's hard to read.

    Editing also means you have to clean your bubbles. Make sure the bubbles are pristine white inside (unless the one in the raw is a different colour.

    Pic 032033.png left bubble. make that horizontal.

    pic Akuma_Jiten_v6_113.png. Right bottom, your redraw is crud.
    General note again, make sure all your bubbles are aligned to the middle.

    I could go on, but I think the tone has been set.

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    As a small side-note, try to make the typesetting look better by not putting a single word like "I" or "as" in a line (like you did in the page).

    For example, better put: "One / day / I vowed / ..." instead of "One / day / I / vowed /...".

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    Since they covered most of the big things I'll nit pick at the "not so apparent" stuff.

    In some pages the gradients are slightly conflicting, not a major thing but to perfect that use the healing tool. (The one that looks like a band aid)

    As for the splicing page (the one where you put two pages together) try not the resize the whole image itself from a smaller to larger size, (unless photobucket downgraded the raw to make it look smaller than your outcome) so you can get as much quality in as possible. Also try not to level the whites too high. Shadows are important in artwork to, and leveling them away isn't exactly good nor bad.

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